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Figure News EXTEND

  • The official Revoltech blog updated with a photo of the Dengeki Daioh magazine-limited version of their Yotsubato! Fuuka PVC (available through next month’s Daioh). There is also a teaser shot of the Yotsuba Revoltech expansion, which will be scooped in next month’s Daioh (the set itself is scheduled for standard unlimited release).
  • A new brand called “MOON TOYS” is producing a Shimada Fumikane Collection vol. 1 Elizabeth figure. She’s 1/12 scale, 16 cm tall, and due out in September at 5,040 yen. Looking like a slightly larger version of a Konami Mechamusume makes that price seem awfully high…
  • The official Toypla blog updated today with the news that they’re producing larger (compared to their earlier versions) chibi versions of Melissa Serafi and Chu Chu Astram from Waga Mama Capriccio and Chu Chu Idol. They’re scheduled for release this summer at Comic Market 74.
  • Pleasant Angels sub-brand Lipmates’ Ore no Yome series #2 Tsuyokiss Yashi Nagomi‘s castoff was unveiled today on the figure’s official site. I’m not sure why the image is covered with watermarks, but it doesn’t do her any favors.
  • Finally, Amiami updated their listing for Orchid Seed’s Summer Vacation Kanu Unchou this evening with a whole new batch of images, and she’s looking smoking hot. The photo set includes the first pictures we’ve seen of her castoff, which is very nicely done, I must say:

Orchid Seed's Summer Vacation Kanu Unchou, Cast Off

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Today’s thumbnail image was brought to you by Kishinosato Satoshi and the letter T:

Kishinosato Satoshi eromanga Teka Pita!

eromanga tankoubon Teka Pita! is on sale today!

One final bit of news that I didn’t have room for up top: a demo movie is now online at Getchu for Pixy’s Hime Kishi Lilia vol.4. Fans of maniac eroanime will likely want to check this out…