Monthly Comic Gum magazine is the home of the Ikkitousen manga, and yesterday its official site updated with a mountain of news covering virtually all aspects of the franchise – the upcoming Great Guardians anime, a new PSP game, and a crazy awesome new figure concept. Details below:

The update begins by unveiling a new “key visual” for the Great Guardians series featuring Ryuubi, Kanu, Chouhi, Koumei, and Chouun (all characters from Seito Gakuen).

We’re then treated to screen shots from the first two episodes of Great Guardians, including Hakufu nekkid in the tub and the tantalizing return of Ryofu that we saw in the preview disc that was released last month.

Perhaps most interesting though is the news of a new Ikkitousen game coming to the PSP called Ikkitousen Eloquent Fist. It’s scheduled for release on October 2nd, and is a hybrid fighting and adventure game (genre: “huge breasts hyper battle”). Over 15 Ikkitousen heroines appear in the game, and perhaps most intriguingly the limited edition comes packaged with an “oyako donburi” figure:

Ikkitousen Eloquent Fist PSP game limited edition extra Oyako Donburi figure

Oyako donburi (literally “parents and children on rice”) is a fast food dish consisting of chicken and eggs on rice (think about it…), and that’s the model for the figure, apparently – only instead of chicken and eggs it’s Goei and Hakufu, in bikinis, in a bowl.

…I am so there.

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