With the new “Great Guardians” season of Ikkitousen coming up this summer, items from the franchise have started switching from season 2’s “Dragon Destiny” subtitle to the new one (Max Factory’s Figma Kanu Unchou was perhaps the first). Another new item announced tonight is nominally under the Great Guardians banner: this Kanu Unchou hug pillow from goods maker Chara-Hai.

The pillow is scheduled to retail on July 25th (preorders close on July 4th), with dimensions of 150 x 50 cm, zipper attached, double-sided with an original illustration on each side. It retails at a variety of prices depending on configuration: the cheapest is 9,450 yen for the smooth-knit fabric version, case only, while two-way tricot is 1,050 more. Fabric explanations and pillow images below:

Note: Chara Hai does not currently sell to any international distributors, so purchase via proxy may be necessary.

The two types of fabric available are “two-way tricot” 2WAYトリコット (9,450 yen) and “smooth knit” スムースニット (10,500 yen).

  • Two-way tricot is a nylon-spandex blend used in swimsuit manufacture.
  • Smooth knit is a cotton-spandex blend used more for regular clothing (jerseys, tights, etc.).

I own both two-way tricot (Saya and Cindy from Chara@) and smooth knit (Ikkitousen pair from Machi Chara) pillows. I like the texture of both a lot, though I can see where the extra price comes from with the Chara@ pillows – the combination of smooth/stretchiness without being “shiny” is really nice. Smooth knit is less stretchy; this is probably the primary difference between them.

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