This weekend brings us a swell in eroge releases approaching the explosion coming next week on the 30th, so I’ve divided this post in half based on whether the titles were released via download or not. This post presents the eight new titles not released via download, and is split down the middle with four sequels/fan discs (including Chrono Belt, the Bullet Butlers/Ayakashibito sequel) and four brand new titles, including Yuzu Soft’s Natsuzora Kanata and Blue Gale spinoff brand LAPIS BLUe.’s maiden release, the horror-themed Bifronte. Read on for details:

Bifronte ~Koukaitou Kitan~

  • Maker: LAPIS BLUe.
  • Genre: Adventure, Island, Horror, Serious, Twins
  • Price: 9,240 yen
  • Design: Shiizaki Hinaki
  • Scenario: Okimizu Miru
  • Notes: Shiizaki Hinaki’s work has been featured in Cyc games in the past

LOVERSOUL Fan Disc ~Koidamazume~

Sugar+Spice! Party☆Party

×× na Kanojo no Tsukurikata Happening Plus Disc

Chrono Belt ~Ayakashibito & Bullet Butlers Crossover Disc~

Inshoku no Jokumu

Natsuzora Kanata

Tsumayouji 2 ~Boku ga Hitozuma Tenjouin~

Comments? Questions? Looking for further information on any of these titles? Alternatively: are any of these on your must-play list?

I’m definitely going for Chrono Belt, though I’m going to try to hold off playing it until I’ve finished Ayakashibito. I was a bit tempted by Inshoku no Jokumu but ultimately decided against it; Tsumayouji 2 looks fun, but didn’t make the cut either. Must save up for next week…