Further scans from Hobby Japan were uploaded to 2chan last night after I went to bed (initial HJ July ’08 scoop here). I’ll fill in the details as soon as possible, but for now the scans are reproduced below: Update: Most of the details are now up, including information on a wide release of the Shiragami Ikkitousen trading figure set, Asakura Ryouko and Vocaloid Rin/Len Nendoroids, Organic’s Kawazoe Tamaki, and more:

  • Comic Gum Figure Collection Ikkitousen Trading Figures
    Maker: Wani Books / Goodsmile Company
    Price: 800 yen each
    Release: October 2008
    Type: finished PVC trading figures
    Scale: non- (6-14 cm tall)
    Sculpt: Shiragami Takayuki (Yukishiro)
    Note: Identical to the Comic Gum magazine-limited set released last year (other than the color); includes six “regular color” and six “secret color” pieces
    Note2: this is an unlimited release and will be available via all standard distribution outlets

  • Fraeulein Revoltech #008 Ayanami Rei (bandage ver.)
    Maker: Kaiyodo
    Price: 2,200 yen
    Release: August 1st, 2008
    Type: finished PVC/ABS action figure
    Scale: non- (15 cm tall)
    Sculpt: Enoki Tomohide
  • Bamboo Blade Kawazoe Tamaki
    Maker: Organic
    Price: unknown
    Release: summer 2008
    Type: finished PVC model
    Scale: 1/8 (height unlisted)
    Sculpt: Hatsuda Kouichirou

  • Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu Nendoroid Asakura Ryouko + Accessories Set
    Maker: Goodsmile Company
    Price: 5,000 yen
    Release: September 2008
    Type: PVC/ABS action figure
    Scale: non- (10 cm tall)
    Sculpt: Nendoron
    Note: includes extra parts for Nendoroid Haruhi, Mikuru, and Yuki
  • Vocaloid Nendoroid Kagamine Rin, Len
    Maker: Goodsmile Company
    Price: 3,000 yen each
    Release: September 2008
    Type: finished PVC/ABS action figure
    Scale: non- (10 cm tall)
    Sculpt: Ageta Yukio (Max Factory)

  • Feldt Grace
    Maker: B-Club
    Price: 16,590 yen
    Release: July 2008
    Type: finished (pre-painted) resin model
    Scale: unlisted (23 cm tall)
    Sculpt: uncredited
  • Gundam 00 DX Heroine Figure 5 Nena Trinity
    Maker: Banpresto
    Price: open price (anticipated ~1,200-2,500 yen)
    Release: mid-November 2008
    Type: finished PVC prize figure
    Scale: non- (19 cm tall)
    Sculpt: uncredited

If there’s anything you’re interested in among the items I’ve omitted let me know and I’ll fill in the details!