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Below you will find a post with several bits of figure news (from a new Petit Nendoroid Haruhi to an official site for Volks’s PVC lineup), and a couple bits of ero news (Crowd’s XCA2 is going to be way longer than expected):

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Ero News

  • The official site for rookie maker Yuukari‘s first game Mamapuri!? is now online! It’s the story of a typical protagonist whose mother died at a young age, and his successful father is now thinking of remarrying. Four women are courting his affections, and apparently part of the ritual involves making the protagonist happy as well. Despite the rather silly concept the designs are looking pretty cute, so this is one I’ll be watching as it develops.
  • From the pages of this month’s Tech Gian: the magazine took a trip up to Hokkaido to stop by the offices of several eroge companies based there, Crowd included. From their interview with the maker staff it’s revealed that X-Change Alternative 2 has roughly three times the text of its predecessor, which is one of the reasons for the production delay. It’s also revealed that the game to come after XCA2 will be a “fantasy-themed sex-changing game”.

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    The subtle work of female character artist Jinguuji Rio has graced many games via the Inspiredir brand over the past decade. Risshuu from circle PHASE is one of her most recent projects, an erotic visual novel depicting the memories of a summer with a beautiful girl from the city who comes to visit you every year – only this year you can’t hold back your feelings… Fully female voiced by Azuma Karin, with further sample CG and information available here.

Today’s thumbnail image was brought to you by Yuukari and the letter M:

the letters M, I, L, and F, to be precise