Happinet online shop Moe Soul updated late last night with a preorder listing for a Shueisha Solid Selection Sairenji Haruna (animal cafe ver.) PVC figure from To Love-Ru! She’s scheduled for release in July at 1/8 scale (13 cm tall) and 6,499 yen retail, and like the earlier announced animal cafe Lala she comes with some exchangeable parts (an “original sexy bikini” is mentioned in the listing, as well as her cat ears being attached magnetically). Sculptor information is currently unknown, but with preorder listings expected elsewhere soon we’ll keep an eye out for further details. Update: The figure is now listed at the official To Love-Ru anime site, which provides a few more bits of information:

Update: The To Love-Ru anime site listing credits the sculpt to Kojima Shou, provides an official release date of September 24th, revises the list price to 6,500 yen, and credits production to Kotobukiya with distribution from Shueisha. A limited edition pink version will also be available exclusively via the Shueisha Mekke! online shop:


The inclusion of an extra bikini part implies some sort of castoffability, but I doubt it will by truly revealing. We’ll wait for more visual evidence to corroborate this.

Update 2: The figure is now listed at Shueisha’s Mekke! online shop, where we get the first glimpse of her surprisingly skimpy castoff:

Moeyo also has a sample review up here.

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