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It seems Moon Phase found some time this evening to make a short update, which yielded some great news you’ll find below along some other random items scavenged from the depths:

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DLsite Recommendations (how to buy)

    Digital novel doujin game featuring Iori from I”s as well as FF5’s Faris and FF7’s Tifa, in “bad end” scenarios. Contains both novel story form and CG collection versions of the images, with 41 base images and 39 variations for a total of 80 images, 1024×768 resolution for the standalone set. Almost unbelievable value for the price, definitely worth checking if you like the style. Downloadable demo here; from circle TricoloreCloud. Lots of samples here!
    Circle Mumaya presents a CG collection featuring characters from recent popular anime. 32 images all told including 14 previously appearing on the circle site and 18 brand new, plus variations and alternate sizes for a total of 140+ images. The focus on enormous breasts recommends it to those with that particular interest.
    The distinctive style of circle Cauldron is on display here in this latest CG set featuring unhappy villagers and the orcs and other monsters who love them. The number of images is unknown but it seemes to be a decent quantity.
    The latest semi-pro doujin game release from circle Willtame includes full female voice, with art from Kuonji Hodaka. Features an OL (“office lady”, secretary) adopting a rather unconventional role in the company hierarchy. The games official site is here, with the demo downloadable here.

    Classic Mink eroge gorgeously illustrated by INO. One of the brand’s most enduringly popular titles. Recommended – though please note this title contains DRM (digital rights management) usage restrictions.

Today’s thumbnail image was brought to you by the SOS-dan and the letter N:

Because sometimes a Nagato is good too.