Figure maker Daiki Kougyou updated their official site this evening with a listing for an extraordinary Sei PVC figure from Bakuretsu Tenshi (Burst Angel). This PVC conversion continues Daiki’s tradition of adapting epic kits that turned a lot of heads on the garage kit circuit, with Sei coming from veteran sculptor Shiragami Takayuki (Yukishiro) who debuted the kit in 2007 (see below for our shots from WF07 summer). Daiki’s PVC version is scheduled to retail in early October at 11,550 yen, 28 cm tall (scale unspecified) and completely pre-painted and assembled. Preorders were momentarily open at Daiki but seem to have closed for now; we’ll be watching closely for further preorder info that should be coming soon. Figure images below:

From Daiki Kougyou’s listing:

From our Wonder Festival 2007 Summer coverage:

Note: this figure is not castoffable, and in its original incarnation is cut off below the knees. It seems that Daiki’s version will be as well.

For another look at extreme torso torque master Shiragami Takayuki’s work, check out our review of his Aizu Project Shiranui Mai cold cast.

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