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  • YOU MUST READ THIS. It will turn you into an expert on Comiket in fifteen minutes. Also, Dan Kanemitsu is a god. Thanks to EvoSpace for linking through to the PDF.

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    Eromanga artist TYPE.90’s 2003 release Ah, Nanase-sama comic anthology is reborn in this full color, voiced and animated “Gimmix” adaptation. Navigate through the manga via a simple flash-based interface and experience it as never before, with full female voice, animated frames and full digital color. This is the continuation of the first Gimmix volume Ah! Nanase-sama vol. 1. Check out the demo here! Contains four chapters from the original manga plus one completely new chapter, according to the official Gimmix site.
    The sole work from circle Tendou Kikaku available on DLsite, this is a 28-page PDF doujinshi featuring …. a girl with large breasts, surprisingly enough. If you’re into amply-bosomed girls with glasses, school swimsuits, etc. this is definitely one to check out.
    Wang Liu Mei (Wan Ryuumin) stars in this 3D animated Gundam 00 doujin game from circle Overdose. The animation is rendered at 800×600 resolution with full female voice; not much else to say on this other than that the demo is here.
    What do you get when you get a circle called Tits! and combine with a doujin title called “Sandwich”? A collection of various 2D girls with cute loli faces and enormous bosoms putting them to use in all sorts of creative ways, that’s what. Contains 12 CG + 31 variations and 30 “omake” extra images. For the more explicitly Disagaea inclined, Sandwich2 is also available. Artist Alexi‘s blog is definitely worth checking out either way. :3

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