Today’s Updates

In a rare occurrence there were no new eroge released this weekend – not a single one. This will be made up for in the final two weeks of the month, as May 23rd and 30th are jam-packed with new high profile titles that we’ll be doing our best to cover as their releases draw near.

Taking things a bit easy tonight, the only thing you’ll find below is an explanation of Manyuu Chibusa‘s castoff procedure:

Manyuu Chibusa castoff explanation

There were some inquiries on this in comments earlier today, so here it is:

I think the pictures pretty much tell the whole story; you may have to do a bit of violence to separate the orange straps from her arms when you remove them, but when reassembled you can’t really tell they were broken. PS: My room is very dusty.

PPS. Argh, I forgot those shots of Daiki’s Akuma-san again. Sorry Al, tomorrow for sure.

Today’s thumbnail image was brought to you by Littlewitch and the letter O:

Littlewitch Romanesque Editio Perfecta demo movie available for download!

As a final random anecdote, Amiami has a notice up informing of shipping slowdowns due to Mother’s Day tomorrow. My initial thought was to wonder whether it was now in vogue to give scantily clad plastic girls to ones mother on this occasion, but it seems the delays are purely on the shipping end and not due to an order rush at Amiami.