Today’s Updates

The light is at the end of the tunnel for our coverage of WHF Ariake 18, with just two planned posts left in the pipeline. I thought things went pretty well this time around and look forward to producing similar coverage in the future. No more big events on the calendar for a little while, which should provide some breathing space to attend to other neglected aspects of the site (I really need to do a new Creator Spotlight…).

Shameless commerce below the fold, including the new Capcomaniax pair up at Play-Asia and Behind Moon’s latest doujin (futanari Miku) at J-List:

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転落隷女Fallen Slave Girls

Semi-pro doujin circle Willtame presents the story of a new class of girls entering an elite private school. Little do they know that they are to be trained there in all sorts of sexual service… the game features a straightforward path selection mechanic, easy to understand with little knowledge of Japanese. Female characters are fully voiced, 31 CG images + 124 variations, with art by Ichimai Ugou. [official game homepage] [demo download] Extreme content advisory: Highly recommended if this is your sort of thing, otherwise not so much.

Today’s thumbnail image was brought to you by Comic Unreal and the letter M:

Comic Unreal vol. 13 on sale May 12th!

In a final note: before it gets way to late to mention this as news, Lucky Star is getting an OVA. This was also scooped three days ago by Zepy and I’m only bringing it up because it’s the sort of thing that really should be noted, along with the fact that it will be released “this summer” and thus paves the way for Haruhi season 2 in ’09 (still pure speculation). Which reminds me, I need to get that Konata Nendoroid review done…