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Trying to catch up a bit on sleep so I’ll keep this brief. See below for a list of newly available figure preorders – Play-Asia beats Japan to two new Yamato items! – along with a hot hot Horo:

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Haruki Genia's Wolf Road, digital edition

Veteran doujin artist Haruki Genia (はるきゲにあ Harukigenia) a few months back released what was then one of the earliest and continues to be one of the best Spice and Wolf doujinshi on the market. It’s now available at DLsite in an enhanced digital version, in full color with “omake” illustrations not included in the original monochrome printed edition.

Having that printed edition in hand I can heartily recommend this to anyone who is capable of favorably entertaining the thoughts of “Horo” and “porn” simultaneously in their head. Not only is Haruki Genia’s rendition of the wolf-girl heroine one of the most erotic I’ve ever seen, this book is absent any of the harder fare for which the artist is (in)famous. It’s just straight-up hotness, and this digital version seems to do nothing but improve on a good thing.

A preview of the original black and white version can be found here (note that the page image is a collage, and the original isn’t nearly so cluttered). 20 pages + front and back covers and extra material.