In the interests of me getting some sleep tonight I’m going to confine this post to actual news, and leave images of already announced figures for a subsequent update. There wasn’t a huge amount of industry movement at the event, but the tidbits that came out are noteworthy nonetheless:


Heisei Democracy event report: WHF Ariake 18: Industry News - Yamato's Cerberus Project Ignis

The first big news comes from Yamato, who revealed that our hunch was correct – they’re planning to produce Cerberus Project’s Ignis in PVC. No release details were made available at the event, but we’ll be tracking the progress of this project very closely.

Yamato also announced that the next in their 50-centimeter doll / action figure hybrid VMF series, after Lynn Minmay, will be Ikkitousen‘s Kanu Unchou. Photography of the prototype was prohibited, alas.


Heisei Democracy event report: WHF Ariake 18: Industry News - Griffon's PVC Uesugi Kenshin

Griffon / R-Line represents with the news that the Uesugi Kenshin figure they announced a few days back is in fact coming in PVC! Seeing the prototype up close has me convinced that this is going to be a killer item for them. It’s an absolutely amazing kit, and they’re the first ones not boneheaded enough to realize that mass production of quality Rance figures is the answer (apologies to Kotobukiya). We’ll be keeping very close watch for further news.

Orchid Seed

A couple of updates on the Orchid front: first is word that they’ll be producing a formerly event-limited Kai Harn kit from Bastard!! in a PVC version, with a sculpt from the unmistakable Ishiyama Satoshi. Release information is promised soon. Next is news that work on their Akiyama Kenta-designed “Lala” PVC is proceeding, with a prototype sculpt from Ogawa Keiichirou (SPIRAL). We’ll be on the lookout for further news on this as well.

More WHF Ariake 18 coverage coming soon!