Today’s Updates

It’s an omnibus mainichi post tonight, bringing plenty to last through the drought as I slack off tomorrow (Futaket) and Monday (WHF Ariake 18). I’m aiming to update on both days, but not with much of substance other than reports of the days’ events…

Read on for what to do if you have $600 to spend this weekend on a single figure, a look at a potential new PVC from Wafuudou Ganguten, screenshots from Pink Pineapple’s June eroanime release lineup, and more:

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Ero News

Figure Recommendations

DLsite Recommendations (how to buy)

    Circle Detaanmii‘s lastest tentaclefest CG collection, featuring high uality art reminiscent of Satoshi Urushihara’s design style, coupled with very hardcore tentacle content. Contains 15 core CG plus 15+ variations, 1024×768 size. Does not contain scat or guro (beyond what’s seen in the samples).
    Gunslinger Girl loli “digital comic” from circle Kurohonya-san, originally released at Comiket 73. Further samples can be found here.
    Shakugan no Shana “illustration collection with character lines superimposed”. PDF format, 20 pages, from circle Unini-gumi.
    Newly released semipro doujin soft title from maker Heat-Soft, featuring two large-breasted bloomer-clad gym students and their teacher. Fully (female) voiced. More info available in this weekend’s eroge release roundup.

    The latest budget eroge title from Norn, about a female baseball team manager determined to raise her team’s spirits and guide them to victory by any means possible. Designs are from popular doujin artist and eromangaka Manmaru, and the manager is fully voiced. More sample images and a demo movie are available here. On my list for this month when the package version comes out – highly recommended.
    A Clockup eroge from 2005 (official site here). I played some of this awhile back and can recommend it if you like sci-fi settings and the art direction. All female characters are fully voiced.
    The first episode of the Jokei Kazoku ~Inbou~ eroanime from Milky. I can definitely recommend this – it’s a great adaptation of the original game, with some really nice animation from Milky’s “A” team. The only caveat is that it’s copy-protected; if you’re running Windows 2000/XP/Vista with IE6.0 or higher and Windows Media Player installed you should be fine, but buyer beware.

    A Naruto doujinshi from circle Nekomataya featuring Kakashi x Sakura. 28 pages, PDF format.
    Volume 5 of the ero-voice + CG anthology collection from circle Kuromomo-dan. The circle includes eight of the most popular eroge voice actresses in the business, performing ero voice dramas written by themselves for a total of 60+ minutes of ero voice scenarios in mp3 format. Also includes 9 CG images plus variations to go with each track. You don’t have to know much Japanese to get what’s going on in these…
    A hardcore CG collection/visual novel with a Dragon Quest theme from circle Raisin Pie. Contains sound/music but no voices; further info and sample CG here. Contains 25 base CG plus variations.

Today’s thumbnail image brought to you courtesy of Justice Fist and the letter M.

I’ll be leaving early tomorrow morning for Futaket in an attempt to hawk some of my leftover books from Comiket – I’ll be at space D04b if you’re in the area and would care to stop by.

The homeward trek after such events tends to deposit me at my doorstep rather late, so I may not be able to update tomorrow with anything more substantial than a quick note on the event before collapsing to get what rest I can before WHF on Monday. Until then, Shingo out.

PS. Macross Frontier ep. 5 was awesome.

PPS. Al, if you’re reading this – I haven’t forgotten about those photo’s of Daiki’s first Akuma-san. I’ll get to them as soon as I can.