GA Graphic brings the scoop this evening with a full gallery of Solid Theater’s Himomizugi no Onna no Ko (“string swimsuit girl”), the first new release announced from the brand following its acquisition by Movic. As promised the original Solid Theater brand name is retained, though distribution is now credited to the parent company. This may be the first time full details on the PVC release have been compiled in one place: the kit is based on the September 2006 cover illustration by Miwa Miwa of eromanga serial magazine Monthly Comic Papipo (月刊COMICパピポ), which has since ceased publication. The sculpt was produced by Shinano, who other than a few capsule figures has been active primarily on the garage kit side ([ERO] Karen from Ai no Chikara and Sumire from Jokei Kazoku ~Inbou~ with circle Gankura). The figure is scheduled for release in August at 1/8 scale (20 cm tall) and 7,140 yen retail. We’ll be on the lookout for preorder listings, which should be appearing shortly. (no more)