Today’s Updates

See below for an (un)usual batch of ero news, errata, and assorted miscellany:

Maritan News

Maritan  - American comic style

Hobby Japan has made a wallpaper available for download through the month of May that just may be the greatest artwork ever crafted by the hand of man. ‘Nuff said. Oh, and there’s a Charlton Heston commemorative wallpaper there, too… I’m sure he’d be touched.

Ero News

Figure Recommendations

Nono Kawaiiyo Nono

Kotobukiya's school swimsuit cat ears Nekomiya Nono from Yotsunoha

Now On Sale

DLsite Recommendations (how to buy)

    All color doujinshi featuring 50 different CG illustrations of a wide variety of classic anime and game heroines. Contains two versions of each (one with writing overlay and one without), in PDF format. From circle Cyclone.
    One of the odder offerings we’ve seen of late, a very well produced, full female voice eroge visual novel featuring Yuffie from Final Fantasy 7. She apparently has a fondness for inflicting bodily harm on men (kicking them in the nuts, not to put too fine a point on it). The game’s tagline reads “for M men”, so those with a masochistic streak might find something of interest here. From circle M.A.F.

    If you like the art but prefer more “S” fare, ~TIâ—‹A the LIMIT~ FINAL HEAVEN is also recommended.

  • This first offering from rookie circle “IP” is an extensive CG collection featuring Meer from Gundam SEED Destiny. The set contains 35 core illustrations with variations totaling 140 images in all. The thematic focus is fellatio, and the set doesn’t contain penetration.
    A CG set featuring characters from Sekaiju no Meikyuu (Etrian Odyssey) from circle Skyscraper. Includes 13 images plus variations, with a focus on the tentaclier side of things.

Final bit of randomness:

It seems that following Dragonaut, master animator of all things muchi Kaneko Hiraku has moved on to RD. No wonder the show left such a good initial impression… When paired with Ueyama Tetsurou, is there no miracle of thighness they cannot achieve?