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Figure News EXTEND

  • GA Graphic spotlights Movic’s Asu no Yoichi! Ibuki, Ayano

Ero News

  • Flagship title Yousenki from the new Team Its brand is now up at Getchu, still no movement on the official site

Figure Recommendations

DLsite Recommends (how to buy)

    A massive CG compilation of fighting game girls, containing 73 images and over 600 variations. If you’re a fan of muscular, sex-crazed women, this is an item you’ll definitely want to check out. From circle MAX; large amount of samples available here and here.
    A really nice CG set featuring Louise from Zero no Tsukaima, rendered in a style nearly indistinguishable from her anime design. Contains 12 images and 55 variations, as well as textless and high-resolution versions.
    Interactive 3D animated story. You’re walking home from the school festival with your girlfriend when you decide to engage in some outdoor play… Use the mouse to control your character’s actions as you interact. The amount and exact nature of the content isn’t described in the listing, but it seems similar to an Illusion game. Limited voice content included.
    A classic offering from circle Arisu-dou, featuring the Dragon Quest 4 twins Mara and Nara (Maanya and Minea). The number of CG in the set is unspecified, though further examples are available here.

We have a new candidate for best show of the season:

fat chicks rule :3

In the grim delicious future of RD, there are only hips.

With tomorrow a national holiday (“Showa Day“, formerly “Greenery Day”) updates around the Japainternets will likely be scarce, but we’ll be active here as usual… plenty of stuff to do, including reviews of Konata and Saber: