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Misc. News

Chara@’s Cindy-sensei Dakimakura

My copy arrived in the mail today, and I must say thus far I’m quite pleased with the purchase both in terms of print quality and aesthetics. She’s still available via proxy for a limited time for those contemplating the investment. Character source: Frill’s Chikan Senyou Sharyou.

Figure Recommendations

DLsite Recommendations (how to buy)

    Animated CG visual novel – 40 scenes, 30fps anime, female characters fully voiced.
    25 minutes of 3D animated Tifa Lockheart ero, containing just about every fetish you can think of (including some pretty kinky ones). From circle Chikko.
    Loli-themed visual novel with animated scenes, girls fully voiced.
    Pretty Cure 5 Nozomi-themed hardcore CG set. Be sure to check the samples before buying, as it’s some pretty strong stuff. Contains 16 images plus variations, Nozomi-only.
    Queen’s Blade Tomoe, Reina, Echidna star in this “strip quiz game”. Correct answers are awarded with ero CG; all clear presents bonus CG. From circle zero4.
    A compilation of past CG releases from Greatest 18 Club featuring Kusuha from Super Robot Wars. Contains over 42 base CG plus over 98 variations, all told 168 CG images in the set. Note: Like all material from this circle, this release contains very maniac material so be forewarned as you check out the samples.
    A Spice and Wolf parody doujinshi featuring Horo and Lawrence. Contains 12 pages of manga plus three CG pages, and at least one guest page. From circle Tenko no Kokoromi.

Yo yo yo, Shingo here. Not much rest for the wicked these days it seems, not even on the weekends… I managed to get a bit of work done on the Futaket doujin today, but time was mostly spent on household chores, site maintenance and updates, and watching Tora for Comic1 doujin to appear. I shot a few figures for upcoming reviews, did an interview with (will post when it’s online), and started playing Kasou Party. I’m finding it quite enjoyable, for a certain narrow subset of meanings of the term “enjoy”. <_< In other news, HD was apparently nominated for a few of the categories of the newly formed Anime Blog Awards. I’ve taken a hands-off approach to the whole thing thus far, but I’ve talked with some of the folks behind the effort and they’re Good People. I’ll likely post about this again once I’ve had the time to collect some thoughts.

Oh, and EvoSpace got his, so I thought I should mention:

Nendoroid Konata review coming soon!