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Fans of Bamboo Blade’s Tama-chan unite! She’s looking as cute as ever in this new doujin from circle Nounai Kanojo. 24 pages, released last weekend at Sunshine Creation 39.

A super-hot Code Geass Viletta doujin from circle Uran Factory. 18 pages, monochrome.

A compilation of hardcore futanari doujinshi from circle Harem, totalling 206 pages and featuring characters from arcade fighting games as well as Queen’s Blade. Note: contains scat. Those uninterested in such themes should probably stay away.

The first episode of Pixy eroanime based on the popular Black Lilith game by the same name.

A few notes:

Despite being largely irrelevant, our spring 2008 anime coverage is not over yet! It’s just… resting. Like a Norwegian Blue.

Tomorrow is Comic1! I won’t be there, but it’s the biggest stop on the doujin trail until Comic Market in August, so we’ll be keeping a sharp eye out for the cream of the crop as it hits DLsite as well as brick and mortar consignment shops over the next several days. I’ll be spending the day working on reviews and other site content, and trying to start my own doujin for Futaket 4 next weekend…