Figure maker Griffon updated last night with several bits of interesting news, including two new PVC figure listings and announcements of what they’ll have for sale and on display at World Hobby Festival Ariake 18. The newly announced PVCs are finished model renditions of two resin kits we’ve covered here in the past: the Harada Takehito interpretations of Demonbane‘s Al Ajif and Fate/stay night’s Saber. Both are scheduled for release in August at 5,775 yen retail (tax included), non-scale (15 cm tall), with Al Ajif’s sculpt from Yoshino Atsushi and Saber’s sculpt from Katou Taichi. Both figures are currently available for preorder on Griffon’s official site, and should be listed elsewhere soon. Event news and images below:

In event news, Griffon has announced that they’ll be selling resin kit versions of the school swimsuit/uniform Maaryan-senpai PVC from To Heart 2 they announced recently, along with a new Kusugawa Sasara maid/school swimsuit resin that we can hope to see in PVC eventually as well. Even more enticing than these two is the news that Griffon’s adult-oriented R-Line brand will have an Uesugi Kenshin kit from Sengoku Rance on display at the event. We don’t know what form she’ll take in production (straight PVC or the more expensive media mix route they’ve gone with their Queen’s Blade releases), but it looks like she has the potential to be the first truly awesome Kenshin kit to see mass production. We’ll be keeping a close eye out for further related news.

Harada Takehito’s Al Ajif PVC

Harada Takehito’s Saber PVC

Swimsuit Maid Sasara (resin kit)

R-Line Uesugi Kenshin (release format unknown)