Today’s Updates

A few bits of anime news, several additional figure news items and a whole bunch of ero news below the fold:

Anime News

Contains an “uncensored preview” of Ikkitousen Great Guardians, as well as video and audio content from Nabatame Hitomi (Kanu Unchou) and Asano Masumi (Sonsaku Hakufu).

Figure News EXTEND

Ero News

Figure Recommendations

DLsite Recommendations (how to buy)

A Juan Gotoh classic CG set (“single route visual novel”) from 2004, containing 48 images and a few animated scenes.

Quite the maniac item – the title translates as “if EVA’s Rei gave birth to Shinji”, and based on that the content is pretty much what you’d expect. Contains 15 base CG + 65 variations, from circle Koboshi no Niwa.

Another maniac item, this one with art from Kohaku Sumeragi and production from newly created Pin Point sub-brand Kingpin. The title translates as “Cremation Party ~Milking Widows in Mourning Clothes~”, and unsurprisingly that’s exactly what the game is about. Features animated scenes and full voice (female characters only).

Maids! The flagship title from newly created doujin circle Yamitsuki Koubou is about them. Maids, that is. A demo movie is available here; the game contains a whopping 350+ CG images (variations included) and features a “double cast” voice system – the female characters are fully voiced twice, and you can switch between different seiyuu’s interpretations of the lines at will.

Whew! Somehow made it through another week. It’s going to be a busy weekend as well, with several new figures released that are demanding reviews as well as prep to get started on for Futaket… I’m debating whether or not to hit Comic1 on Sunday, thinking I may opt to give it a miss and use the time to attempt some feeble doujin scratchings of my own.

Until tomorrow, then – Shingo out!