Amiami’s noon update today included listings for the three new Wave Dreamtech series PVC figures we introduced yesterday: Togi Shiro from Fortune Arterial, Kousaka Tamaki (maid ver.) from To Heart 2, and Kusugawa Sasara from To Heart 2. Shiro is due out in August at 1/8 scale (20 cm tall) and 6,825 yen with a sculpt from Toukaimura Haraya; Tama-nee comes with a “soft chest” part, is due out in September at 1/6 scale (28 cm long) and 8,925 yen with Maeda Toshiki (Works Sapporo) on sculpting duty; and Sasara is coming in September as well at 1/8 scale (18.5 cm tall) and 5,460 yen with a sculpt from Shiketa Udonko. Pictures below:

Wave Dreamtech Togi Shiro PVC

Wave Dreamtech Kousaka Tamaki (maid ver.) PVC
Note: a Chara-Ani shop limited black version is available as well

Wave Dreamtech Kusugawa Sasara PVC