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This post is truncated here for the sake of keeping the front page tidy, but there really is stuff worth seeing below:

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Spring 2008 Anime: Not Furry



  • Production Studio: XEBEC
  • Genre: softcore porn with a side of shota
  • Original Concept: Nishino Katsumi
  • Director: Ootsuki Atsushi
  • Chief Writer: Suzuki Masafumi
  • Character Designer: Takami Akio
  • Doujin Potential: it’s there
  • Figure Potential: see above

Fans of scantily clad lupine girls are in for a treat this year with Kanokon following Spice and Wolf in nearly unbroken broadcast succession. Unlike the spicy wolf, however, Kanokon has three times the bust size and one third the plot and characterization (if that); just the kind of show that’s perfect to skip through for the borderline ero scenes and otherwise wait for the figures and doujinshi to appear based on the show’s (admittedly very solid) designs. Mamiko fans may appreciate her rare shota role here, but this is one I don’t mind giving a miss.

Figure Recommendations

DLsite Recommendations (how to buy)

黒愛 一夜妻館・淫口乱乳録Kuroai

    The classic Clockup eroge (official site) from 2004 that spawned the infamous Murakami Teruaki-directed eroanime OVA by the same name. Worth checking out for fans of dark, maniac ero.

淫乱診察室Inran Shinsatsushitsu (English ver.)

    I’m guessing there are few people reading this post not familiar with Umemaro‘s work, and fewer still without a strong opinion for or against. If you haven’t picked up his most recent 3D animated erotic tour de force, now’s your chance – English DLsite has gone to the trouble of making it quite accessible.

ゼロのようなものZero no You na Mono (English ver.)

    A great Zero no Tsukaima CG collection from circle Absolute. Recommended.

抱いて!四十八手Idaite! Shijuu Hatte (English ver.)

    The best selling DLsite doujin item of 2008 thus far (ranking page), a collection of 48 animated segments of different sexual positions that fill the first night of a young married couple. English version available.