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Biniku no Kaori

Instead of doing something responsible and constructive yesterday like going to Sunshine Creation 39 or vacuuming the tatami or doing my laundry, I spent the day engrossed in the first eroge I’ve played (while not on the company clock) since Bullet Butlers. It was none other than Elf’s recently released Biniku no Kaori, which upon starting I soon discovered to be very much the spiritual successor to Silkys’ Jokei Kazoku ~Inbou~ – just what I had been hoping for, and thus far it’s met those expectations admirably. Perhaps too admirably, in fact; the game builds dramatic tension to a level of intensity that after eight hours or so I ultimately couldn’t take, and had to bust out a walkthrough to make sure I wasn’t going to accidentally stumble into the barrel of a shotgun or worse, be fired. I’ll be writing more about this when I finish the game – hopefully soon.

Figure Recommendations

DLsite Recommendations (how to buy)

ソドムの島~Night of Blind~Sodom no Shima ~Night of Blind

Beautifully illustrated, intense, dark eroge from M no Violet (Mink). Relatively short for a full price eroge but packs a punch; the ero scenes are masterfully directed with multiple CG and cut-ins per scene. Contains one of the most dramatic and erotic futanari scenes in any game I’ve played. Definitely worth the price for this download edition if you favor the genre.


High quality 3D animated short story of a man who meets a demon girl in a dream. Not loli despite the image in the description; might be worth checking out if you like what you see in the demo.

誘惑戦女, 誘惑戦女2 Yuuwaku Senjo, Yuuwaku Senjo 2

Two original CG collections from eroge artist and freelance illustrator Norihe Ita. I first came across his site several years ago when he was image blogging regularly. Afterwards I was able to meet him in person when he was manning a company booth at Comiket, and I was left with the impression that he was a great guy and a great artist too. Definitely worth checking out his stuff if you get the chance.