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Sei Shoujo’s “Starless” official site online, details scooped

With the official publication today of the June 2008 edition of eroge magazine Tech Gian, sites for games newly featured in the issue are coming online one after another. The biggest scoop by far (in my own twisted reckoning) is the grand opening of the site for Starless, the latest eroge title from Sei Shoujo after a three year absence from the scene (and from this earthly plane, apparently). Further details and game images below:

Max Factory unveils Hoshii Miki PVC pair

Dengeki Hobby’s online news site brings the scoop this evening with release details for Max Factory’s Hoshii Miki PVC figure from The Idolmaster! We first got word of her back at Wonder Festival and now her release has been confirmed, scheduled to retail in two versions in September, each at 7,500 yen. Both the kitai no shinsei (“anticipated new star”) blond version and the kakusei (“awakening”) brown-haired version are 1/8 scale (20 cm tall), with sculpts from Tokunaga Hironori (Replicant profile); the former comes with optional cat paws and ears, while the latter comes with a princess tiara and drill arm replacement. I think I’d have to play the game to understand that one… now that she’s out officially in the media I’m thinking we can expect preorder listings to appear soon. Images from Dengeki’s coverage below:

Hobby Stock’s Tsuzuri preorder open

The official blog of online figure and otaku goods retailer Hobby Stock updated this morning with the news that preorders would commence for their store-limited Lycoris Radiata Tsuzuri PVC today (April 21st) at noon, and indeed they have! We now have complete release details for the figure, as well as castoff images (reproduced below): the figure will ship in September at 1/8 scale (18 cm tall), with a sculpt from Hiroman (homepage) and production cooperation from Alter. The retail price is 8,190 yen (tax included), but for preorders placed by midnight on April 27th the price is reduced to 7,665 yen. Those interested in purchasing internationally will have to do so through a proxy service, as the figure is confirmed as available exclusively through Hobby Stock’s online shop. Image gallery below: