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Spring 2008 Anime: Booked, but not Stacked


Toshokan Sensou

If one can get over the bizarrely improbable premise of two government-sponsored paramilitary groups playing “capture the flag book” in the middle of a dense civilian population, Toshokan Sensou comes across as one of the more fun shows of the season. Initial impressions paint it as a cross between Full Metal Panic and Planetes with a bit of Read or Die thrown in, not at all a bad combination; with an immediately accessible feel, sympathetic characters, and a snappy animation design, if things stay on model and the premise is fleshed out into something interesting I’d say we have a very solid show on our hands. Bonus points for the tomboy protagonist, too.

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Apologies for the messy formatting in today’s update, I was trying to squeeze in a lot of extraneous news that was probably better suited for its own individual posts. I’m still groping around for the optimum Mainichi update format and doing a lot of experimentation in the process; hopefully things will gradually become more readable and accessible rather than less.