Today we take a look at the new batch of eroge released the week of April 18th, 2008. It’s a typical mid-month group with a mere six new or significantly updated titles available, but it’s a nice range at that – an enhanced reissue of Puzzlebox’s romantic comedy Shutter Chance Love meets the dark new Nise Kyoushi (“false teacher”) from Nomad, with a new Nurse no Obenkyou title from Atelier-D rounding out the higher price end of the spectrum. There’s a nice futanari item from artist Q of Behind Moon on the budget end, along with two other dark school-themed budget titles that round out the week – check it out!

Shutter Chance Love EX

  • Maker: Puzzlebox
  • Genre: Adventure, School, Photography, Club, Animation, Romantic Comedy
  • Price: 4,830 yen
  • Design: Suzuki Mei
  • Scenario: various
  • Notes: Budget price enhanced reissue of Shutter Chance Love, includes new bonus content and animated CG. Suzuki Mei is one of the best designers out there today, I wish he’d do more stuff…

Nise Kyoushi

Nurse no Obenkyou Ouyou-hen

  • Maker: Atelier-D
  • Genre: Adventure, Hospital, Nurse, Masochism, Twintails
  • Price: 9,240 yen
  • Design: Sapporo Momoko, Natsume Eri
  • Scenario: Haine
  • Notes: This game is tagged on Getchu with the genre descriptor semerare (責められ), which is the passive form of semeru, meaning loosely “to persecute” (familiar in the yaoi terminology of seme (giver) and uke (receiver). I’ve chosen to translate semerare as “masochism” in this case, which seems appropriate given the ero scenes visible in the sample CG.

Kyou no Okazu: Futanari Clinic Karte #3 Fujiwara Akiho

  • Maker: G-Spot
  • Genre: Futanari, Cosplay Hospital, Budget Title
  • Price: 1,150 yen
  • Design: Q (Behind Moon)
  • Scenario: Hayashi Tarou
  • Notes: Futanari-themed budget title from one of the most famous artists in the genre, available immediately for purchase via download (how to buy). Note: mosaic in the actual game is less than in the samples.

Zetsubou Shoujo ~ Fukushuu no Seisai Kyoushitsu

Sanin Ningyou ~Oshiego to no Inkou~

  • Maker: Eroro
  • Genre: Adventure, Hypnotism, Coercion, Female Teachers
  • Price: 1,890 yen
  • Design: uncredited
  • Scenario: various
  • Notes: Budget title available for immediate purchase via download (how to buy).

As usual, any comments regarding the presentation format are welcome. Let me know what you’d like to see!