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Spring 2008 Anime: Romantic Tragedy

We continue our exploration of the season’s new offerings with a look at To Love-Ru, a shining example of the formula that’s generating the worst of what Japan’s 2D culture has to offer today. With the sole exception of the character designs this show should be placed in a vault with two-meter thick lead walls and nuked until it glows – but don’t take my word for it.

To Love-Ru

Shounen Jump romantic comedy pablum. “My betrothed is a space princess?!” I didn’t like it much when Rumiko Takahashi did it and the story here seems to be just as insipid, though with more fanservice and (slightly) better designs. Oka Yuuichi gets credit for that and gives the show any dubious merit it may end up having. I haven’t watched any of this and don’t plan to; some of the doujinshi will likely be worth salvaging, though.

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Ero News

Sumeragi Kohaku + Pin Point = EROSPLOSION

Toranoana posted a product feature page today for the next doujin game from semi-pro maker Pin Point, and boy is it something. The product description notes that in order to surpass Pin Point’s previous releases a new partner brand has been established called Kingpin, which appears to be shorthand for gag reflex inducingly garish site design, but the fact remains unchanged that this is perhaps the most erotic work I’ve seen yet from veteran game illustrator Sumeragi Kohaku. The game is scheduled for simultaneous release in download and package versions on April 25th, with a trial already available for download. If you’re looking for an immediate Sumeragi fix, I’d heartily recommend any of these:

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