As of yesterday evening a trial version of Tech Arts 3D‘s maiden release 3D Custom Shoujo is now available for download. I put it through its paces a bit this evening and came away pleased with the result; it’s no polished piece of Illusion software, but it’s got some nice ideas that if incorporated into a broader framework could make future releases from the brand into serious contenders in the (admittedly thin) ranks of interactive 3D erogaming. Initial impressions and screenshots below:

From playing the trial it seems 3D Custom Shoujo has even less of a plot than Jinkou Shoujo 3; it’s basically an advanced 3D kisekae doll system that you can have sex with, as far as I can tell. Unlike the most recent Jinkou Shoujo game, Custom Shoujo relies less on player input of a variety of complicated parameters and instead provides a simple user interface from which hundreds of clothing options and physical features can be chosen, in a preset range of colors.

Compared to the competition the system here is much more limited, but it also enables the player to craft a suitably unique girl that looks decent in a short amount of time, unlike the JS3 system which has been accused (by me, among others) of being too cumbersome and time intensive.

If there’s not much more to the final game than what we see in the demo I think this game will be a disappointment, but if there’s at least a rudimentary way to interact with the girl you’ve created and chart a change in her reactions to you over time, I think they’ll have a good springboard for future development.

Here’s hoping it’s not just a big collection of clothing options, sex positions and backgrounds all thrown into a blender…

Fiddling with the available character options I ended up with a catgirl maid vaguely reminiscent of a character from UFO Princess Valkyrie. Other than the static clothing and feature adjustments the one slider in the game allows for the adjustment of the bust measurement, though not to such ridiculous extremes as Jinkou Shoujo 3.

As of posting no release date for the game has been disclosed.