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Comiket 74 Circle Postcard KITAAAA

A minor step on the road to Comiket that I didn’t cover in the aforelinked feature happened yesterday when I arrived home to find the besideshown postcard in my mailbox. After applying to participate as a circle at Comiket but before receiving confirmation of your acceptance or rejection, the Comiket committee sends you a postcard to make sure they have your details registered correctly. Receipt of the postcard doesn’t mean anything other than that you’re still in the race for a coveted circle space, but it’s a comforting reminder that the process is on track and proceeding toward the eventual announcement in June. Just two short months away…

Comic1 episode 2: Attack of the Clones

While we’re on the subject of conventions, the event that’s well on its way to becoming the premiere pit stop on the doujin road between winter and summer Comikets is just around the corner! The second iteration of Comic1 will be held on April 27th, and with 2,500 circle spaces occupying two East halls of the Big Sight it’s shaping up to be more than twice the size of the first event last spring. The catalog went on sale on March 28th, but if you can’t make it to Akihabara before the event to pick up your copy (or just want a glimpse of what to expect in reseller shops afterwards) the official site has done us the favor of putting a complete list of circle participants online. I won’t be selling there, but I’m hoping to make it down to check out the scene regardless – if you’re planning to be there let me know, maybe we can arrange a meeting.

Now on Sale – Figures

Walking the Way of the Witch

Last weekend G.J?’s latest Sano Toshihide-designed eroge Majodou updated with information about a banner campaign they’re running to help publicize the game. It’s a pretty standard deal – post one of their premade banners on your page, send them your URL, they verify it and link to you in return. And there we are! This coming Friday (April 11th) they’ve planned to update with voiced samples of the eroanime event scenes in the game, and I can’t wait. :3 For serious G.J? / Sano fans Majodou should be available for preorder from Himeya Shop soon.

If you’re looking for a more immediate ero fix, a few recommendations:

Now on Sale – Doujin Soft

  • Kasumi no Shima – hardcore DOA Kasumi CG set from rookie circle “riposte”

Note: Japanese DLsite DOES accept foreign credit cards. If you need help ordering please let me know; I’d be happy to provide detailed instructions and will be putting together a tutorial for that purpose shortly.

Now on Sale – Eromanga

Now On Sale - Eromanga Now On Sale - Eromanga Now On Sale - Eromanga Now On Sale - Eromanga