News of the Day

  • Figure Review: Ryomou Shimei (Cerberus Project pearl black ver.)
  • Figure: Lucky Star Petit Nendoroid Season 2 preorder open
  • Figure: Yamato’s Bonnie, Nasubi-sama preorders open
  • Figure: Daiki Kougyou’s Toushirou-sculpted Sugimoto Anna preorder open
  • Anime: Toradora! anime confirmed

Other headlines, ero news below:

Other Headlines – Figure Edition

Please pardon the lack of images in this post; the new image uploading functionality of WordPress 2.5 is a significant step back from what was previously in place, and until I can figure out a way around it it’s going to require a bit of jury-rigging to get things looking decent.

Toshokan Sensou PV

Before I hit the sack tonight, I’d like to heartily recommend checking out the new promo video up for Toshokan Sensou. The premise seems a bit trite to me (girl thinks a guy who saves her is cool so she joins the book preservation corps to be like him), but the disparate elements that make up the show are interesting enough and the production values are there to make this one worth keeping an eye on.

Finally, from the shameless commerce department: HD affiliate programs are now available for both CD Japan and a renewed YesAsia (they switched programs at the end of the year and I neglected to renew). Any purchases made via either of the links below will provide HD with a small percentage of the item’s sale price, and should you be so inclined such a gesture is immensely appreciated. More info on this in the appropriate locations soon.

Oh, one thing I forgot to mention – Wafuudou Ganguten’s Manyuu Chibusa came in tonight, and in the process of reviewing her I had one of the bigger figure-related surprises I’ve had in awhile. It turns out her chest is castoffable – literally.

Chibusa is currently in stock at Play-Asia, if you’d like to support HD with your purchase. :3