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Mainichi Junk: March 19th, 2008

News of the Day

Figure: Bishoujo figure preorder roundup
Figure: Beagle does Mogudan’s Kanu Unchou

There comes a point in the fandom of even the most zealous Kanuite when one has to ask: when will the madness cease? I mean I’m all for being mad (in the cheerfully insane sense), but how many Kanu figures can be put on the market before the slightly less nutty among us stop buying every one that so much as flashes a pair of panties in our general direction? After this latest round of announcements I have a feeling we may finally find out.

If Horo is the spice, Hisahiko is holding all the apples

I would like to assert that Hisahiko, the source of today’s thumbnail image, draws the best Horo on the planet. Nay, it is my theory that he was in fact born to draw this particular lupine female, and I heartily recommend that he continue to do so until the second season of the anime is announced. There will be one, right? RIGHT? In other Horo news, Toranoana’s Cafe with Cat will be transformed into Cafe with Wolf for the weekend of April 4-6. I’m very tempted to take the economics lesson / three hour journey required to check it out…

Animated Tana from Pixy


In more pornographic news, word is in that the TANA-illustrated Lilith Mist budget eroge Shion will be receiving a Pixy anime adaptation. Both Getchu and Game Style bring news and screen shots from the first episode, which is looking nice despite a design mismatch that leaves most of Tana’s distinctive quality behind. Character designer Iijima Hiroya‘s past work is solid, and I’m looking forward to what we can expect to see upon release later this month (the 22nd for the download version, the 28th for the package version).

That’s all from me for tonight. Plans for a figure review evaporated when I got home after work and found I’d missed the delivery guy, but vengeance postponed is all the sweeter – reviews will resume soon!

Bishoujo figure preorder roundup

This post contains details on several figures made newly available for preorder in the past week or so, featuring a whole lot of Ikkitousen from Griffon, Amie Gran, and Musashiya, as well as a great looking Shana from Minhel of Blond Parrot, an ero loli Comic LO trading figure collection, Miyabiya’s Takashiro-sensei from Bible Black that we scooped back in January, the Sano Toshihide designed, Vispo sculpted Shiratori Amane PVC we’ve been tracking for ages, and a whole lot more!

Beagle does Mogudan’s Kanu Unchou

I speculated yesterday about the nature of the curvaceous posterior in Moeyo’s teaser coverage of the recently held Miyazawa Mokei dealer’s exhibition, and according to a new Moeyo update today it turns out my suspicion was correct – it does in fact belong to the kit we saw on display at Wonder Festival. Further details from Moeyo’s post reveal that the kit is (very loosely) based on this Mogudan illustration of Kanu Unchou from Toranoana’s official Ikkitousen Dragon Destiny fanbook, and that she’ll be coming as a pre-painted PVC from Beagle in July at 1/8 scale. Sculptor info is not immediately at hand, but we’ll bring it when we get it; I’m a bit nonplussed by the execution here of what could’ve been a truly epic sculpt, but I’m hoping the final product will more closely resemble what we saw at WF than what’s on display in Moeyo’s pictures. Our WF photos reproduced below:

Mainichi Junk: March 18th, 2008

News of the Day

I’m slowly working through the backlog of figure news from the past week or so. There are a bunch of new preorders to pull together in a comprehensive post, as well other odds and ends from various sources that’ll probably make for another separate post as well.

donne_anonime_pillow_01.jpg donne_anonime_pillow_02.jpg

The Donne Anonime hug pillowcase from Cospa that we’d been looking at since December finally came in a week or so ago, and today I took a couple of photos. This is definitely the nicest Cospa pillow I’ve had the pleasure of seeing up close, primarily due to the great Niθ art (she’s from Nitro+’s Tre Donne Crudeli / Zoku: Satsuriku no Jango, for those who need a refresher). If Cospa would make this into a series with a case for each of the game’s three heroines I’d die happy (and smothered in pillows :3).

The 2008 iteration of the Tokyo International Anime Fair will be held from March 27th through the 30th, and I’m waffling on whether I want to go or not. The deadline for press application was today and I opted not to file, so if I do go it will be on one of the two “public days” over the weekend. I’ve never been before and I’m not sure if this is the year I want to start, but the timing is decent and it looks like it might be a fun event so I’m still thinking of it as a possibility. My interests of late have veered in the direction of figures and eroge so I’m not quite as well equipped to cover the event from a deep perspective, but this could be a good incentive to brush up on the ol’ anime cred…

If I do go to TAF it could mean two weekends at the Big Sight in a row, as the following weekend (April 6th) is Hobby Complex 03 Tokyo. With WHF Ariake 18 a scant month later whether I go to this one will likely be dependent on the array of circles that decide to show up – I’ll be investigating more closely as the event nears.

Miyazawa Mokei spring exhibition roundup

March 11th saw the semi-annual Miyazawa Mokei “Spring Business Assistance Sale” take place, where many of the major figure makers gathered to show off new items they’ll be releasing in the coming year to vendors and members of the press. Several new items were announced this time around that are of interest, and we’ve gathered them here:

Max Factory’s Another Blood online, preorders open

The official Goodsmile page was updated today with a listing for Max Factory’s Another Blood PVC from Demonbane! We’ve been tracking her from prototype through color sample so it’s great to finally see her online and available for preorder. She’s due out in July at 1/8 scale (14 cm tall), with a retail price of 7,800 yen; sculpting duty was handled by 呉 宝紅 (Go Houku?) of Tiger Gate. This is one that I think will likely make a lot of purchase lists… pictures below:

Shining Wind Houmei color sample

The official Shining franchise figure blog Shine na Blog posted photos yesterday of a finished color prototype of President Japan (Eye Scream)’s upcoming Houmei figure from Shining Wind. These are the first pictures we’ve seen of the figure in color, and she’s looking really quite nice indeed! We don’t currently have any official information on pricing or a release timeframe, but apparently more information will be available when she goes on display at the Tokyo International Anime Fair at the end of the month. (no more)

Follow up on Hobby Figures’ Mugen, Queen’s Blade, etc.

French hobby news site Hobby-News has conducted an interview (in both French and English) with recently launched figure maker Hobby Figures regarding their upcoming Mugen figure as well as the brand’s plans for future development. The most tantalizing bit of information is that the first figure in their Queen’s Blade PVC lineup will be Risty, overlooked by Megahouse to the point where many of us had despaired of ever seeing her in PVC. All we know at this point is that her sculpt is from “a very famous sculptor” and that it’s in “it’s final stage”, so we’ll be looking for further news and visual evidence to appear soon! Thanks to Merlin of Hobby-News for the scoop. (no more)

Toy’sworks presents Shana collection, Maid wo Nerae! Mochida Natsumi

Toy’sworks updated today with information on their product lineup for July and August, including a Solid Works Collection DX Shakugan no Shana Second set of trading figures from Shakugan no Shana II, due out in July at 735 yen each or a box of ten for 7,350 yen. The series consists of six figures “plus alpha” (probably some secret alternate color version), with the sword-wielding Shana ver. A standing tallest at 13 cm.

Next up is the Mochida Natsumi PVC from Dragon Age Pure manga Maid wo Nerae! that we scooped here last December. She’s coming at 1/8 scale (18 cm tall), with release expected in early August at 6,800 yen. Her sculptor is currently uncredited.

Pictures of both items below:

Orchid’s bikini Kanu PVC announced

Following last week’s announcement of a PVC version of the resin Kazami Mizuho debuted by Orchid Seed at Wonder Festival, it comes as no surprise that the similarly presented Kanu Unchou (bikini ver.) from Ikkitousen would be soon to follow. GA Graphic brings the news today that the Ishiyama Satoshi sculpted Kanu will be released in pre-painted PVC form in July at 6,800 yen retail and 1/6 scale (17 cm tall). According to GA Graphic’s scoop a race queen costume will be included along with the swimsuit, virtually guaranteeing her castoffability – we’ll be watching for further news and the official opening of preorders, bound to come soon. (no more)

Lightning Warrior Raidy goes gold

English language eroge localization company JAST USA‘s partner brand G-Collections yesterday announced the gold status of Lightning Warrior Raidy, originally published by Japanese maker ZyX as 雷の戦士ライディ ~破邪の雷光~ (Ikazuchi no Senshi Raidi ~Haja no Raikou~) in 2005. Itself a remake of the original Ikazuchi no Senshi Raidi released for MS-DOS in 1994 as ZyX’s flagship title, the game broke ground in its day and is an enduring classic remembered fondly by an early generation of Japan’s erogamers. The ’05 reissue has received criticism for being a literal reinterpretation of the original that didn’t stand the test of time too well, but with new artistic conception from Kazuma Muramasa and a novel concept not yet seen in English I think it’s a game that will appeal to a pretty broad Western audience. It’s expected to retail in early April at $24.95 USD (package version), with download purchase available two weeks later.

In related news, G-Collections announced the acquisition and development of the Raidy sequel, Lightning Warrior Raidy II: ~Temple of Desire~. The sequel brings Raidy’s adventures to a new level with several enhancements to the game system, a much bigger game world and dozens of new NPCs, and is currently in development with release projected for late 2008 or early ’09. If you’ve been waiting for something other than the typical “choose your own adventure”-style visual novel, I’d recommend the Raidy games as a nice change of pace – they won’t dazzle you with outstanding gameplay or graphical splendor, but they’re a fun way to pass the time that combines dungeon crawling and nekkid monster girls, a combination that is surely one of great (if not greatest) victory.

Yep, this is what I do for a living. (no more)

Hong Kong-based Hobby Figures brand hits the ground running with Samurai Champloo’s Mugen

I received a press release yesterday from a new Hong Kong-based figure company known as Hobby Figures Global. Unlike other companies operating out of the region they seem determined to do right by artists, fans, and IP holders alike, having expressed an ambitious vision that includes an officially licensed figure line from Samurai Champloo, as well as a PVC lineup from Queen’s Blade which will be rolled out over the coming months. Sample images and details on their first figure (Samurai Champloo’s Mugen) can be found below.

The potential for a morally and ethically righteous figure company operating out of Hong Kong is one that has me personally incredibly excited, and with their ability to coordinate production combined with international sculpting talent it’s possible they could become a potent force in the figure market in the near future. I’m happy to be able to introduce their first figure here in the hopes that it’s the beginning of wonderful things to come:

Kurushima announces cold cast Kanu

The ero-ero garage kit of Ikkitousen‘s Kanu Unchou that Kurushima was selling at Wonder Festival will be coming out in pre-painted cold cast form, according to the maker’s official site as well as preorder listings that began coming online earlier this week. The sculpt is from Kurushima veteran Keiko (慶子), and she’s scheduled to retail in early August at 20,790 yen and 1/6 scale (26 cm tall). Gallery below:

Orchid Seed’s Mizuho comes to PVC

True to form, the Orchid Seed Kazami Mizuho kit from Onegai Teacher first offered as an event-limited resin at Wonder Festival was today annouced for PVC release. As previously noted her sculpt is from Nekomaru, and she’s due out in July at 1/7 scale (10 cm tall) at 6,800 yen. Castoffability is doubtful given past precedent of other Mizuho figures, but we’ll watch for any further news as release approaches; preorders have already begun at Amiami and elsewhere. Image gallery below:

Mainichi Junk: March 13th, 2008

News of the Day

  • I’m not dead (yet)
  • I’ve been absent from posting duty due to allergies (what the heck) and MASTER UP
  • Sano Toshihide is a god among men
  • Mogudan is rocking out the latest issue of [ERO] Comic Unreal
  • Some figures were announced

…that’s about it.

Sorry for the lack of updates. Business as usual will resume! Soon? resume soon!

Majodou “Ace Combat”-style image movie now available

The official site for the newest Sano Toshihide tour de force eroge Majodou was updated this evening with the download availability of a second demo movie, this one an “image movie” in the style of Ace Combat (only with witches on broomsticks instead of fighter jets). The production value is remarkable for a game of this rank, and the video features a lot of fancy After Effects animation – definitely worth checking out, even though none of the game’s main characters make an appearance and no ero content is to be had. Can’t wait for next week’s update! (no more)

Seyada Tara preorder open!

Daiki Kougyou‘s epic Vispo-sculpted Seyada Tara PVC from Alice Soft’s Daiakuji / Rance VI is now available for preorder! Initially announced as a Daiki item last summer, as we reported following Wonder Festival 2008 Winter her release specifications have been set: she’s due out in July of this year at 1/4 scale (33 cm tall), with LED equipped headgear, at a retail price of 30,450 yen. Kit images below:

Goodsmile solicits Rin/Len Nendoroid designs

We saw the Kagamine Rin Nendoroid prototype at Wonder Festival so we knew she was in the works, but word is in from the official Goodsmile site today that she’ll be accompanied in Nendoroid form by her musical twin Len. Goodsmile has also announced that the figures will be produced in conjunction with PIAPRO, who is currently gathering design suggestions for the “deformed face parts” that will ship as alternatives to their standard faces in the Nendoroid package. With Miku it was pretty clear that her leek incarnation was the superior option, but lacking in such widely known parody Rin and Len are no doubt harder to design for. If you would like to submit your design suggestions, instructions and downloadable templates are available here (Japanese only); more information is available at Goodsmile’s blog and the official Nendoroid site. (no more)

Yamashita Shunya Arisugawa Shii, Angela busts from Kotobukiya

I noticed these on Play-Asia last night (Arisugawa Shii, Angela) so the news isn’t completely fresh, but Kotobukiya has posted entries for its “shop limited” Art of Yamashita Shunya cold cast busts Angela and Arisugawa Shii at their Rakuten online shop today. They’re due out in June at 10,290 yen each, non-scale (18 cm tall), and of the two only Shii is credited with a sculptor (Ogasawara Taketo). If you think you’ve seen her before, you’re right; this is Shii’s second appearance in Kotobukiya’s Yamashita lineup (the first was released last May). (no more)

Sekirei TV anime announced! (updated)

The official Sekirei manga site at Square-Enix’s Young Gangan Magazine brought the announcement last night: as previously rumored, the bishoujo fighting-themed manga from Gokurakuin Sakurako (Ashika Sakura) will become an anime some time this year! It will be directed by Kusakawa Keizou (recent directorial work includes Nanoha StrikerS and Inukami), script from Yoshioka Takawo (Sky Girls, Ikkitousen Dragon Destiny, Zero no Tsukaima), character design from Tomooka Shinpei (Inukami), and animation production from Seven Arcs (the Nanoha series, Inukami, SHAFT’s Negima, Red Garden, Zero no Tsukaima II, Da Capo II, the Yakin Byoutou series). The official anime website will be at Sekirei when it’s established; we’ll be keeping a close eye out for further news on the series as it develops. Update: The show’s official site is now online, and while it doesn’t offer much information beyond what we already knew we do get a first look at the anime character designs, and the cover of the 6th volume of the manga, due out on March 25th. (no more)

Youshuu Ohepe second tankoubon on sale tomorrow

Fans of well-rounded heroines with a sense of presence on the page take note: rising star doujin and eromanga artist Yoshuu Ohepe will unleash his second tankoubon (eromanga compilation) tomorrow, March 7th, under the title Daisuki da yo. The book contains eight stories formerly serialized in Comic Mujin, and samples of it can be found in the Ohepe directory at Mujin’s official site. In addition to past doujin work prominently featuring Chun Li and Ichigo 100% characters, his first tankoubon Aneki… was recently adapted as a two-part eroanime OVA by Pink Pineapple. I’ll try to get a review of this new book up when I can obtain a copy. (no more)

Alter’s Lily Salvatana, Chouun Shiryuu REPRESENT!

From the land of ultimate smoking hotness comes word that Alter’s Lily Salvatana, the third and final figure in their Zoku: Satsuriku no Jango (Tre Donne Crudeli) series, is now online! She’s looking just as magnificent as when we saw her at Wonder Festival, and speaking personally this is the figure I’ve been most anticipating since we first scooped the game almost a year ago. Based on designs from the immortal Niθ and with a sculpt from Tanaka Senu, Lily clocks in at 1/8 scale (22 cm tall) and 7,140 yen, with release set for July of this year. With her up at Alter preorders should be appearing within the next few minutes… pictures and news on Chouun below:

March 5th-6th figure news

A roundup of the more pertinent figure news from the past day and a half, including three new Megahouse preorders, Toy’sworks’ Trigger Heart Exelica, a roundup of news from yesterday’s Figure Maker Union Exhibition including a new Sonic Diver announcement from FREEing and photography allowed of Goodsmile’s Hayase Mitsuki, a newly announced Little Busters Kamikita Komari from Toy’sworks, pictures of two new Sega Prize Kasumi and Ayane figures illustrated by Yamashita Shunya, and job openings at FREEing.

Appleseed TV anime announced

The new series based on the Masamune Shirow Appleseed manga is to be called Appleseed Genesis and will be directed by Romanov Higa and feature the voice talent of Paku Romi, according to Moon Phase and the series listing on the Tokyo International Anime Fair website. This is all we know about the series at present, but more details should appear leading up to the TIAF stage event on March 30th and we’ll be keeping an eye out for them. (no more)

Figure maker consortium on display in Akihabara

An event was held today called the “Figure Maker’s Union Exhibition”, similar to last summer’s WONDERFUL HOBBY LIFE FOR Wholesaler & Retailers (an industry-exclusive trade show where makers and members of the press were allowed to view the offerings on display at Wonder Festival minus all of the jostling crowds). There wasn’t much new to see that wasn’t at Wanfesu 10 days ago as well, but Goodsmile and Dengeki Hobby have both blogged early reports hinting at the possible availability of further details on a few of the figures that made an impression at the earlier event (as well as some new stuff from Taki Corporation, who wasn’t there – bustier Louise, Tama-nee kimono and Pretty Menma?!). We’ll be on the lookout for anything else new should it come to light. (no more)

Tanaka Yoshiki’s Titania to receive anime adaptation

Via Moon Phase: Word is in from the official Wright Staff president’s blog that Tanaka Yoshiki‘s serial novel Titania is to receive an anime adaptation. Titania is described in its Japanese Wikipedia article as:

Humanity’s advance has spread colonies through out the breadth of the vast universe, but the majority of them are under the control of the Titania family. In the year 446 of the star calendar, trouble arises surrounding one of the family’s special interests in the galactic city-state of Eulia. They send in a force to repress the uprising, but it is unexpectedly driven back.

Using this conflict as an opportunity, groups discontented with the Titania hegemony begin to move. Coupled with discord sown internally among the family members, an era of strife and terrible upheaval is ushered in for the galaxy.

Beginning in 1988 three volumes of the Titania novel have been published to date. Those familiar with Tanaka’s earlier work to receive anime versions such as Legend of the Galactic Heroes and The Heroic Legend of Arslan will no doubt find this an interesting development; we’ll be watching for further details on what could be the next great space opera anime. Update: Iwa ni Hana brought news two days ago regarding a manga adaptation of Titania as well. Their coverage has more information about the title as it relates to Legend of the Galactic Heroes; definitely worth a quick read. (no more)

newsbit 0043

Rest in peace, Gary Gygax.

Mainichi Junk: March 4th, 2008

News of the Day:

Other Headlines

Doujin music circle 5/4 Takepod is (apparently) a Nico video sensation, and presents here a compilation of some of the most incredible Miku manipulation I’ve ever heard. A crossfade sample track is available for download at the Tora page linked above; definitely worth a listen if you ask me. EvoSpace’s preview of Choukou Sennin Haruka is also worth looking over – it gives a glimpse of the latest Alice Soft title that makes me want to play it even more now. Damn you Evo! >:o

March 4th Figure News

Today brings a bountiful harvest of figure news, starting with word from FREEing that their Lucky Star trading figures will see reissue in May (both sets), moving on to a firm release date for Alter’s Kuro no Franco, news regarding a Kodomo no Jikan Nendoroid series, a look at Eye Scream’s Shining Wind Shiina (Seena), a loliriffic Murasaki from Kure-nai, a Pinky Street Mikuru, and a look at Aoshima’s To Heart 2 itasha – plenty of good news to go around!