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Orchid Seed’s Feane Finally Ships!


First scooped in July of last year, we’ve been following the production of Orchid Seed’s Mogudan-inspired Onna Kenshi Feane PVC for what feels like eight months now – oh wait, it has been. Originally listed for release in December, three months late has become about par for the course when it comes to Orchid delays. I wouldn’t believe she was actually shipping if I didn’t have the email from Amiami to prove it… as of posting she’s still available at Play-Asia for those inspired to place a last minute preorder. In less inspirational Orchid news, we have a new batch of delays to report:

Delayed to April:

Delayed to May:

Ero news continues below:

Ero News

Eroge Rundown Deferred

Today was the biggest eroge release day of the month, with around 40 new and reissued titles hitting store shelves. I was planning to finish a summary of them tonight but ran out of time, so that’ll be coming tomorrow; I haven’t had time to even touch the stack that came in and is now sitting invitingly on my floor, but I’ll try to post some impressions tomorrow evening.

Futaket 4 Application Period Closes

The circle application period for futanari-themed doujin convention Futaket 4 closed today, and I got my application in just barely under the wire. The event will take place on May 4th from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM in Tokyo’s Hamamatsu-cho district; I’m don’t know whether I’ve been to this particular event hall before, but one thing is for sure – it’s not the usual Futaket location, which was closed to most ero doujin events following a complaint last fall. Since then most events have quietly recovered, and if Futaket goes off without a hitch it seems the storm will have largely blown over (though ABC is still missing in action, and there are still definite worries on the horizon). More on Futaket as the event approaches.

Sano Toshihide Stalker Report

Today’s installment of stalk-an-artist was largely met with disappointment, as there was no significant Majodou update and no update to Sano’s official site. After spotting an unfamiliar image of his on Danbooru earlier this week I discovered that at some point he had a presence on Pixiv, which finally compelled me to join the artist-centric social networking site this evening, but to no avail. I couldn’t find Sano there no matter how I searched, and am almost positive he must have canceled his account since posting the images in question.

Alas, we regroup and live to fight another day!

Shingo out.