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Figure Review: Orchid Seed’s Comic Unreal cover girl Onna Kenshi Feane

After several release delays, Orchid Seed’s Mogudan-inspired Comic Unreal cover girl Onna Kenshi Feane is finally here! Unlike most kits this is one that proved to be in almost every respect better than the production shots available in the past – if Orchid delays mean more figures of this quality, I’m all for them. Read on for a detailed look at the first figure that can truly lay claim to embody the spirit – and the monumental bosoms – of Mogudan’s art.

Magazine Review: Megami vol. 96 (May 2008)

The May 2008 issue of Megami Magazine was released today, and we’ve got a thorough review of it here! The sticker price was bumped up from the standard 780 yen to 840 yen for this issue, but it comes with a couple of great extras that more than make up for the slight price increase – a double sided pencil board brings us a look at Saber of Fate/stay night as drawn by Nanoha creator Tsuzuki Masaki, with the reverse side an illustration of Fate Testarossa by Takeuchi Takashi. Other extras include large Clannad and Shana posters and an alternate cover for Nanoha StrikerS manga vol. 2, as well as the continuation of Ditama Bow‘s Yotsunoha manga. Oh, and there are lots of great posters, too. :3

March 28th eroge release roundup

An overview of 27 new eroge titles on sale this weekend (unedited reissues, “regular editions”, and value packs omitted), touching on all the major titles including the Kiminozo rerelease, new games from the Baldr and Sweet Knights teams, the latest from Black Cyc, Clockup, Studio E.go, Elf, Anim, Lilith, and a whole lot more. This post introduces a new format similar to the one I’ve been using to describe new figures, which will hopefully present the information in an easily accessible form; any comments on the post layout would be appreciated.

Mainichi Junk: March 28th, 2008

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Orchid Seed’s Feane Finally Ships!


First scooped in July of last year, we’ve been following the production of Orchid Seed’s Mogudan-inspired Onna Kenshi Feane PVC for what feels like eight months now – oh wait, it has been. Originally listed for release in December, three months late has become about par for the course when it comes to Orchid delays. I wouldn’t believe she was actually shipping if I didn’t have the email from Amiami to prove it… as of posting she’s still available at Play-Asia for those inspired to place a last minute preorder. In less inspirational Orchid news, we have a new batch of delays to report:

Delayed to April:

Delayed to May:

Ero news continues below: