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Mainichi Junk: March 21st, 2008

News of the Day

New Eroge On Sale Today

The May edition of Tech Gian came out today, and while I haven’t picked up my copy yet it doesn’t seem we’re in for too many big surprises – Littlewitch is coming out with two new titles, which will no doubt be a big deal in certain quarters despite signs pointing to serious spinoff syndrome; I’ll check the magazine tomorrow in case there’s anything buried within that’s worth digging out and bringing to light.

Catching up with figure announcements, other news (ero alert)

We finally get caught up with the last few weeks of figure coverage in tonight’s update, which includes a ton of odds and ends pulled from all around the bishoujo figure universe, many of them meant for mature audiences only. We take a closer look at Questioners’ Shiratori Amane, pass by Griffon’s Queen’s Blade Echidna, look at a new “soft parts” figure line from Gigapulse, note some To Heart 2 trading figures from Toys Planning, get a first glimpse of a Kotobukiya’s Nekomiya Nono along with their Bamboo Blade Tama-chan, take in Resinya’s Kudryavka and Shana, speculate as to the castoffability of Daiki’s Seyada Tara, get an uncensored look at the Comic LO trading figures we mentioned the other day, take a censored look beneath the skirts of Griffon’s china dress Ryomou and Kanu, take a closer look at Yamato’s 2008 lineup courtesy of Hobby Channel, and more. There’s something in this update for just about everyone, I dare say!

Hobby Japan May 2008 preview

Scans from the pages of Hobby Japan were once again leaked to 2chan’s hobby board a few days before the magazine’s official release on the 25th. We’ve parsed the information here, providing a glimpse of things to come that includes a new Ramba Ral from Megahouse, a CAPCOMANIAX Melting Neuron Felicia, several Queen’s Blade updates, a Sengoku Rance Suzume from Kotobukiya (oh, the timing), Kyon and Nanoha Figmas, the first in Art Storm’s Yamashita Shunya line, and a whole lot more.

Volks’ Rance figure polling ends, winner uncertain

The collaboration of figure maker Volks with eroge soft house Alice Soft ended the first ever vote on a Rance character to be produced in PVC last night at midnight. As of yesterday afternoon “Nazo no Shoujo” from Sengoku Rance was up by the slimmest of margins over Masou Shizuka from Rance VI (11.4% to 11.3%); Noire from Sengoku Rance trailed in third place at around seven percent of the vote. The results are no longer available, having been replaced by a notice reading “results of the voting will be announced after a careful examination of the tallied votes to remove those cast via fraudulent means. Please wait awhile”, so who will emerge the victor is anyone’s guess at this point. Personally I wouldn’t mind seeing any of the top three take the prize; my preferred choice Suzume was sadly ranked 10th and seems unlikely to emerge the victor with such strong contenders ahead of her. We’ll keep an eye out for the final results and any further information on the competition. (no more)