The official site for Hong Kong-based figure maker Hobby Figures went online today! Content is available in both Japanese and English, and while it doesn’t present much information that we hadn’t already seen it does have a nice product page up for their Mugen release, as well as information on their Queen’s Blade PVC lineup – apparently the first figure will be Echidna, not Risty as we reported on the 17th, and she’s due out in October of this year. We’ll keep an eye on the page for further updates in the coming weeks and months. Edit: some time in the past few hours the page was edited to say that Risty will in fact be the first figure released in their Queen’s Blade series. I’m not sure what’s going on here, but hopefully this will be the final word on the matter. Edit 2: I just received confirmation from a Hobby Figures staff member that their first Queen’s Blade figure will in fact be Risty (“Listy”) as originally reported, and not Echidna. Looks like the matter can officially be put to rest. (no more)