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Mainichi Junk: March 19th, 2008

News of the Day

Figure: Bishoujo figure preorder roundup
Figure: Beagle does Mogudan’s Kanu Unchou

There comes a point in the fandom of even the most zealous Kanuite when one has to ask: when will the madness cease? I mean I’m all for being mad (in the cheerfully insane sense), but how many Kanu figures can be put on the market before the slightly less nutty among us stop buying every one that so much as flashes a pair of panties in our general direction? After this latest round of announcements I have a feeling we may finally find out.

If Horo is the spice, Hisahiko is holding all the apples

I would like to assert that Hisahiko, the source of today’s thumbnail image, draws the best Horo on the planet. Nay, it is my theory that he was in fact born to draw this particular lupine female, and I heartily recommend that he continue to do so until the second season of the anime is announced. There will be one, right? RIGHT? In other Horo news, Toranoana’s Cafe with Cat will be transformed into Cafe with Wolf for the weekend of April 4-6. I’m very tempted to take the economics lesson / three hour journey required to check it out…

Animated Tana from Pixy


In more pornographic news, word is in that the TANA-illustrated Lilith Mist budget eroge Shion will be receiving a Pixy anime adaptation. Both Getchu and Game Style bring news and screen shots from the first episode, which is looking nice despite a design mismatch that leaves most of Tana’s distinctive quality behind. Character designer Iijima Hiroya‘s past work is solid, and I’m looking forward to what we can expect to see upon release later this month (the 22nd for the download version, the 28th for the package version).

That’s all from me for tonight. Plans for a figure review evaporated when I got home after work and found I’d missed the delivery guy, but vengeance postponed is all the sweeter – reviews will resume soon!

Bishoujo figure preorder roundup

This post contains details on several figures made newly available for preorder in the past week or so, featuring a whole lot of Ikkitousen from Griffon, Amie Gran, and Musashiya, as well as a great looking Shana from Minhel of Blond Parrot, an ero loli Comic LO trading figure collection, Miyabiya’s Takashiro-sensei from Bible Black that we scooped back in January, the Sano Toshihide designed, Vispo sculpted Shiratori Amane PVC we’ve been tracking for ages, and a whole lot more!

Beagle does Mogudan’s Kanu Unchou

I speculated yesterday about the nature of the curvaceous posterior in Moeyo’s teaser coverage of the recently held Miyazawa Mokei dealer’s exhibition, and according to a new Moeyo update today it turns out my suspicion was correct – it does in fact belong to the kit we saw on display at Wonder Festival. Further details from Moeyo’s post reveal that the kit is (very loosely) based on this Mogudan illustration of Kanu Unchou from Toranoana’s official Ikkitousen Dragon Destiny fanbook, and that she’ll be coming as a pre-painted PVC from Beagle in July at 1/8 scale. Sculptor info is not immediately at hand, but we’ll bring it when we get it; I’m a bit nonplussed by the execution here of what could’ve been a truly epic sculpt, but I’m hoping the final product will more closely resemble what we saw at WF than what’s on display in Moeyo’s pictures. Our WF photos reproduced below:

Mainichi Junk: March 18th, 2008

News of the Day

I’m slowly working through the backlog of figure news from the past week or so. There are a bunch of new preorders to pull together in a comprehensive post, as well other odds and ends from various sources that’ll probably make for another separate post as well.

donne_anonime_pillow_01.jpg donne_anonime_pillow_02.jpg

The Donne Anonime hug pillowcase from Cospa that we’d been looking at since December finally came in a week or so ago, and today I took a couple of photos. This is definitely the nicest Cospa pillow I’ve had the pleasure of seeing up close, primarily due to the great Niθ art (she’s from Nitro+’s Tre Donne Crudeli / Zoku: Satsuriku no Jango, for those who need a refresher). If Cospa would make this into a series with a case for each of the game’s three heroines I’d die happy (and smothered in pillows :3).

The 2008 iteration of the Tokyo International Anime Fair will be held from March 27th through the 30th, and I’m waffling on whether I want to go or not. The deadline for press application was today and I opted not to file, so if I do go it will be on one of the two “public days” over the weekend. I’ve never been before and I’m not sure if this is the year I want to start, but the timing is decent and it looks like it might be a fun event so I’m still thinking of it as a possibility. My interests of late have veered in the direction of figures and eroge so I’m not quite as well equipped to cover the event from a deep perspective, but this could be a good incentive to brush up on the ol’ anime cred…

If I do go to TAF it could mean two weekends at the Big Sight in a row, as the following weekend (April 6th) is Hobby Complex 03 Tokyo. With WHF Ariake 18 a scant month later whether I go to this one will likely be dependent on the array of circles that decide to show up – I’ll be investigating more closely as the event nears.