A roundup of the more pertinent figure news from the past day and a half, including three new Megahouse preorders, Toy’sworks’ Trigger Heart Exelica, a roundup of news from yesterday’s Figure Maker Union Exhibition including a new Sonic Diver announcement from FREEing and photography allowed of Goodsmile’s Hayase Mitsuki, a newly announced Little Busters Kamikita Komari from Toy’sworks, pictures of two new Sega Prize Kasumi and Ayane figures illustrated by Yamashita Shunya, and job openings at FREEing.

New Preorders


Megahouse Excellent Model CORE Queen’s Blade R2 Steel Princess Yuumil (2P color ver.)

  • Source: Queen’s Blade
  • Release: June 2008
  • Scale: 1/8
  • Sculptor: Kibayashi Norio
  • Price: 5,250 yen
  • Notes: original design by Mibu Natsuki


Megahouse Excellent Model CORE Queen’s Blade R2 Underworld Temptress Airi (2P color ver.)


Megahouse Excellent Model MILD One Piece Series CB-1 (2) Niko Robin

  • Source: One Piece
  • Release: mid-June 2008
  • Scale: 1/8 (12 cm tall)
  • Sculptor:
  • Price: 1,890 yen
  • Notes: a spinoff of Megahouse’s Portrait of Pirates line that depicts the One Piece characters when they were children


Toy’sworks’ Trigger Heart Exelica

  • Source: Trigger Heart Exelica
  • Release: late June 2008
  • Scale: 1/8 (28 cm tall, base included)
  • Sculptor:
  • Price: 9,980 yen
  • Notes: parts configuration alterable

Other News

freeing_raijin.jpg goodsmile_hayase_mitsuki.jpg

March 5th Akihabara Figure Maker’s Union Exhibition

  • FREEing displayed a new Sonic Diver Raijin / Ichijou Eika action figure set from Sky Girls, the third following their Reijin and recently announced Fujin kits
  • Goodsmile allowed photography of their Hayase Mitsuki (previously scooped at Wonder Festival)
  • Art Storm displayed a couple of Hoshiful characters
  • Akiba Hobby summarizes the event


Toy’sworks has officially announced the production of a Kamikita Komari PVC from Little Busters!. The third in Toy’sworks’ Little Busters series, she’s due out in July at 1/8 scale (~10 cm tall) and 6,800 yen retail. We’ll be watching for preorders, which should be coming online soon.

sega_prize_doa_beach_kasumi.jpg sega_prize_doa_beach_ayane.jpg

Way late to the scoop on this one, but back on March 3rd SbebiWan pointed out in comments to Mainichi Junk that HLJ had added illustrations to their listings for the new Yamashita Shunya designed Dead or Alive Beach ver. Kasumi and Ayane Sega Prize figures due out this September. At the bargain price of 1,500 yen I think these will be automatic preorders for a lot of people, especially after seeing the quality of the recently released Kasumi set (need to get a review of those out ASAP).


Finally, according to this posting on Japanese job recruitment website Rikunabi, FREEing is currently hiring! If you know Japanese, live in Japan, can design, plan, or otherwise shepherd figure projects from conception to completion, or if you can manage production facilities in China, they want you. I wonder if the desire to purchase 1/4 scale figures counts as a qualification…