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Youshuu Ohepe second tankoubon on sale tomorrow

Fans of well-rounded heroines with a sense of presence on the page take note: rising star doujin and eromanga artist Yoshuu Ohepe will unleash his second tankoubon (eromanga compilation) tomorrow, March 7th, under the title Daisuki da yo. The book contains eight stories formerly serialized in Comic Mujin, and samples of it can be found in the Ohepe directory at Mujin’s official site. In addition to past doujin work prominently featuring Chun Li and Ichigo 100% characters, his first tankoubon Aneki… was recently adapted as a two-part eroanime OVA by Pink Pineapple. I’ll try to get a review of this new book up when I can obtain a copy. (no more)

Alter’s Lily Salvatana, Chouun Shiryuu REPRESENT!

From the land of ultimate smoking hotness comes word that Alter’s Lily Salvatana, the third and final figure in their Zoku: Satsuriku no Jango (Tre Donne Crudeli) series, is now online! She’s looking just as magnificent as when we saw her at Wonder Festival, and speaking personally this is the figure I’ve been most anticipating since we first scooped the game almost a year ago. Based on designs from the immortal Niθ and with a sculpt from Tanaka Senu, Lily clocks in at 1/8 scale (22 cm tall) and 7,140 yen, with release set for July of this year. With her up at Alter preorders should be appearing within the next few minutes… pictures and news on Chouun below:

March 5th-6th figure news

A roundup of the more pertinent figure news from the past day and a half, including three new Megahouse preorders, Toy’sworks’ Trigger Heart Exelica, a roundup of news from yesterday’s Figure Maker Union Exhibition including a new Sonic Diver announcement from FREEing and photography allowed of Goodsmile’s Hayase Mitsuki, a newly announced Little Busters Kamikita Komari from Toy’sworks, pictures of two new Sega Prize Kasumi and Ayane figures illustrated by Yamashita Shunya, and job openings at FREEing.