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Mainichi Junk: February 29th, 2008

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It’s been a long and busy week, and it’s nice to have it finally over. I’m planning to use the weekend to recuperate a bit, clean the place up and martial forces to move ahead into the new month. There aren’t any major events planned for March (until the big eroge release weekend at the end), so it will likely act as a staging ground for April and especially May in terms of event reporting. Otherwise it should be a good opportunity to catch up on some of the more reflective writing I’ve been meaning to do, or at least write a bunch more Mainichi posts about how I’d love to catch up on all that reflective writing. Oh, and reviews. Those should be starting up again shortly…

3D Custom Shoujo gameplay video online

Tech Arts 3D put a gameplay video online this evening for their upcoming polygon-based ero sim, 3D Custom Shoujo. It’s a nearly four-minute clip of uncut footage from a sex scene within the game engine, showing off some of the game’s capabilities to switch positions and costumes on the fly. Watching it feels stiffer and less natural than what Illusion has managed to achieve through years of development, but it doesn’t look half bad for the first game from a new brand. That said, I hope what we’re seeing is something closer to the 50-60% development mark than the 90-95% mark… if what’s shown here is all there is to the game it’s going to be a hard purchase for a lot of people to justify, I think. (no more)

Bullet Butlers x Ayakashibito crossover “Chrono Belt” official site, demo movie online

Following last week’s teaser in Tech Gian, the official Chrono Belt site is now online! Not only does it present a good dose of story and character information, but a very nicely produced demo movie is available for download as well. Combined with the sample CG available at the newly listed Getchu product entry for the game we start to get a decent picture of what to expect, and that “what” is looking totally awesome. The game is listed as going on sale this summer, at 7,140 yen retail – rather lower than the typical full price of 9,240 yen, though hopefully that doesn’t mean the content will be significantly less than its two predecessors. We’ll continue to keep a close eye on the game as development proceeds. (no more)

February 29th figure news

Several new preorders went up today, including the Kanu Unchou and Ryomou Shimei (china dress DVD box ver.) pair from Griffon, two versions of Amami Haruka the first Idolmaster Revoltech and fifth in the Fraeulein series, the SMILE800 V.I.P Aquaplus character trading figures from Goodsmile, and Kotobukiya’s Yamashita Shunya-designed Elf from Mu ~Kiseki no Daichi~. Also a bit of minor Nendoroid news, a Dengeki Daioh figure extra, and release delays from Orchid Seed (I don’t think that item will be surprising to anyone).

Illusion announces Jinkou Shoujo 3 expansion

Getchu posted a listing earlier today for Jinkou Shoujo 3 Hannari, an “append disc” for the November ’07 released Jinkou Shoujo 3. According to the product description it adds additional sex positions, maps, hairstyles and voice options (including Kyoto and Hakata dialects) to the original game. It’s scheduled to retail on May 30th at 6,090 yen retail, and the first lot limited edition comes with a set of two figures (likely similar to those that came with the first game). We’ll keep an eye on this expansion as it develops – hopefully the official Illusion site will have more information when it’s announced there later today. Update: an official site is now online for the game, though it’s rather sparse at present. (no more)

Wonder Festival 2008 Winter: industry wrapup

We wrap up our coverage of Wonder Festival 2008 Winter (for real, this time) with a look at the industry items that fell through the cracks in our earlier reporting. This primarily consists of offerings on display at the Yamato and Happinet booths, but also contains a look at Organic’s Tama-chan from Bamboo Blade and the as-yet unsubstantiated rumor of an Erect Sawaru-designed figure from Solid Theater. Details follow:

Sano Toshihide personal site updated, Majodou OP movie online

Those of us eagerly awaiting further news of G.J?’s upcoming Sano-designed Majodou eroge got two welcome surprises today: first is news that the personal site of game artist Sano Toshihide was updated yesterday with a new piece of fan art, depicting a fictional Nagato-ified rendition of (male) bassist and Nico Video internet phenomenon Tissue-Hime. News is also in from the official site for Majodou that the game’s opening movie will go online there some time today – we’ll update this post when it’s available. Ahh, it’s a good time to be a Sano fan… Update: the first in a series of three Majodou movies is now available for download! In addition they’ve begun a fan participation campaign where you can develop the profile of one of five enemy witches to appear in the “Houki DE Babyuu~n!” mini game included with the main release – it seems a bit like Armored Core for broomsticks, where you get to customize your witch and then race her against computer opponents. We’ll keep an eye on this as more news comes to light. (no more)

Hanaharu eromanga compilation announced

I hope Zepy will pardon me for quoting him directly, but I couldn’t contain myself when I heard the news: according to the latest issue of eromanga serial magazine Kairakuten, Naruhiko Hanaharu will be releasing his first ever tankoubon compilation of eromanga soon! I’m not sure whether I’ve raved about his work properly here in the past or not, but as one of his legion of diehard fans all I can say is it’s about bloody time. I’ll be keeping a very close eye on this story for any developments – first, to go pick up that issue of Kairakuten. I was wondering what he’d been doing since the Kamichu manga ended… (no more)

Mainichi Junk: February 28th, 2008

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I’ll be pulling together a final Wonder Festival post tomorrow with information on the remaining industry offerings not covered in the earlier post. I’d also like to address some of the above headlines in a bit more depth, particularly Zepy’s post on problems in the eroge industry – I’ve been working up some great (awful) puns on the theme that I am gleefully hoping to unleash soon. >:3 Now that WF coverage is mostly done I should be able to return to some long-form posts on other subject matter – a good thing, because at this point I’m getting rather tired of it. I’m glad the next one isn’t until August. ^^;;

Obligatory whoredom: spiky ball Dynamite Kanu is very competitively priced at Play-Asia!