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Cafe Reo’s Food Girls Stawberry-chan preorder open

Nary a week has passed since we first reported on her prior to Wonder Festival, but Cafe Reo’s Strawberry-chan from Okama artbook Food Girls is now up for preorder! She’s due out in April at 5,775 yen, non-scale (18 cm long) with a sculpt from Azusa Rei (Gun Doll). The description bills it as a “completely castoffable, strawberry fragrance figure”, which is sounding pretty tempting… gallery below:

Event Report: Wonder Festival 2008 Winter

The following is a quasi-chronological look at the events of February 24th, 2008, and one person’s trip to Japan’s biannual hobby mecca Wonder Festival. In addition to boring personal anecdotes it contains information of a potentially useful nature – if you’ve been wondering when the next Wonder Festival is, what happened to Eropon, why there was a veritable army of Yoko kits for sale, what’s up with Organic, or who translated the text on the warning label of that Mr. Simple Mask for Paint you just bought – well, you’ve come to the right place!

Alter lists Chuua Churam, preorders follow

Fresh from her debut last weekend at Wonder Festival Alter blazes ahead with their release schedule, presenting an official page for their upcoming Chuua Churam PVC figure from Chu x Chu Idol! As previously reported she’s scheduled to retail in July at 7,140 yen, non-scale (~20 cm tall), with a sculpt from Yagyuu Satoshi. Who is Chuua Churam? She’s the combined “gattai” form that appears when the game’s two main heroines, Chu Chu Astram and Nakauchi Chiyu, kiss. :3 Picture below:

New Slayers TV anime announced

Via Moon Phase: The Kanzaka Hajime official fan club is reporting that Slayers is to receive a new TV anime adaptation! It will feature an original story and be divided into two cours of ~12-13 episodes each. Direction will be from Watanabe Takashi, with animation production from J.C. Staff. The voice cast is reported to have “no significant changes.”

This news is still officially rumor until it can be corroborated with the upcoming release of Dragon Magazine, but the official fan club source seems credible enough. (no more)