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Mainichi Junk: February 27th, 2008

I was planning to push out the final installment of our Wonder Festival coverage this evening, but lack of sleep for the past few days has turned my brain into a puddle of goo that can’t bear to string more than a few words together at a time. Tomorrow for sure!

News of the Day:

Other Headlines:

We’ll take a closer look at some of these tomorrow to see exactly what’s going on.

In site news, following input on the redesign we’ve created an option for those who would prefer to view HD content in a single chronological feed in the main column. This can be done by clicking the “All” link in the upper right corner of the layout, or going here; browsing this way means you’ll never miss content when it’s posted to one of the new sections of the site! Hopefully this will help ease the transition to the new layout for all concerned (myself included).

Whew… it’s dinner and then off to bed for me early tonight! Wonder Festival coverage concludes tomorrow.

Rumor: To Heart 2 Another Days lacks Ikuno route?

An update at Moon Phase has lent credence to the rumor that the long-awaited latest installment in the To Heart 2 franchise, Another Days, lacks a story route for Komaki Ikuno. The invalid younger sister of Komaki Manaka was a big draw leading up to the release of the Another Days expansion, so if this news is true it could mean we’re in for another round of hellfire from irate Japanese fans similar to the ones that accompanied the release of Light’s Dies Irae and Cuffs’ Garden. We’ll be watching for further news on this; the game goes on sale this Friday, February 29th.


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February 27th figure news

Figure news from the past day, including the preorder availability of a Sky Girls Sonic Diver Fuujin action figure from FREEing, Taki Corporation’s castoffable Eruru from Utawarerumono, and a Code Geass Cornelia polystone courtesy of B-Club. Also: Max Factory’s Figma Saber is selling better than expected (largely sold out, in fact), and some last minute chances on a few other items of interest.

TRIGUN THE MOVIE announced for 2009

Via Moon Phase Diary: The promotional dust jacket cover (“obi”) from volume 14 of the Trigun Maximum manga [AA] brings the news that a Trigun animated feature film is currently in production! It will feature an original story developed by manga author Yasuhiro Nightow and director Nishimura Satoshi who collaborated with Nightow on the Trigun TV series and is also known for his work on the Hajime no Ippo anime. The script will be helmed by veteran anime writer Kobayashi Yasuko, with character designs from Yoshimura Takahiro (an unknown?) and animation production from Madhouse. The tagline reads: “Vash vs. Wolfwood?! The familiar characters erupt on screen in an all-original Trigun story!” As a fan of the original TV series I’ll be keeping a close eye out as this project develops… (no more)

Dengeki Gao suspension confirmed

The official Dengeki Comic Gao website was updated with the news that the April 2008 issue of the magazine, on sale today, will be its last. A translation of the message posted to the site follows:

“With this issue GAO’s publication will be suspended. We would like to thank our readers for enjoying the magazine over its 15 year history. Works currently serialized in GAO will be moved to a new magazine. Please continue to watch the development of manga artists and works that were born and grew up in these pages. This page will be updated again in early April.”

It seems the earlier news to this effect was correct; it remains to be seen exactly how the currently running manga will be currently divided among MediaWorks’ other magazines, but it seems likely that Daioh will absorb the lion’s share. (no more)