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Wonder Festival 2008 Winter: [ERO] garage kits

Our look at the garage kits on display at Wonder Festival 2008 Winter concludes in earnest with a look at many of the adult-themed kits that were on display, from an amnesiac Viletta from Code Geass to a sculptural depiction of The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife, to several very attractive Kanu Unchous, an irresponsibly proportioned Uesugi Kenshin and Yamamoto Isoroku, and things far more outlandish – not a post for those at work, under legal age, or not wanting to see some pretty bizarre (and yet strangely hypnotic) pieces of sculpted plastic.

Volks announces Rance PVC figure project

Like mana from heaven, like prize figures from a UFO catcher claw, like hot resin into a garage kit mold – yeah, the most backward and haughty of companies has finally learned of democracy in this, year 20 of the Heisei era! This evening Volks unveiled an extension of their recently launched PVC collaboration with Alice Soft: they’re making figures based on various Alice game franchises, and they’re letting people vote on who they want to see out in PVC! Details below:

Wonder Festival 2008 Winter: garage kits galore, part II

We round up our look at the garage kits of Wonder Festival 2008 Winter in this second part of our coverage, starting off in miko paradise before moving through an ice dancing festival, a parade of who’s who in 2007 anime, a brace of truly delicious Aegises, a 1/1 scale robotic maid, Yotsuba in a diving suit, and end with a visit to Vispo, Atomic Bom and Bubba of Saikoro Caramel. If you’d like to leave a comment, please do so here. If you’re wondering where all the ero kits are, they’re coming soon…

Wonder Festival 2008 Winter: garage kits galore, part I

Due to the high volume of images in this post it’s been divided into two, with comments enabled on this post and disabled on the second. The first half of our magical mystery tour through the garage kits of Wonder Festival 2008 Winter begins in the land of BOME, traverses through the jungle of Paper Moon lifesize dolls, through the realm of Kill Time Communication, into the trenches of Lucky Star, Evagelion, Code Geass, Gurren Lagann, Haruhi, and more. The images are presented in the (random) order I took them, and all items here were sold as one day, limited license, unpainted, unassembled resin kits. Let the journey begin!