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Wonder Festival 2008 Winter: industry news (updated)

Why put out Wonder Festival industry news in installments when you can do it all at once? This is the question we attempt to answer in this post, bringing scoops from (in alphabetical order): Alter, Amie Gran, Cafe Reo, CM’s, Daiki Kougyou, First Class, Goodsmile / Max Factory, Griffon, Hobby Stock, Konami, Kotobukiya, Lilics, Megahouse, Movic, Orchid Seed, Organic, Piccolo, Revoltech, Solid Theater, Toranoana, Toy’sworks, and Volks. This post will initially be pretty barebones, with nothing but a bunch of (exceedingly crappy) pictures, but it will be continually fleshed out with concrete information over the next day or so, so feel free to check back if you’re so inclined. Update: Post now includes basic information on all of the new kits announced from the makers we covered! Further updates to be posted as the news trickles in.

Mainichi Junk: February 25th, 2008

Post-Wonfes Recon


I had a blast at Wonder Festival this time around. It wasn’t just the insane amount of Yoko; it wasn’t just attending on a decent amount of sleep for once (now very much depleted), it wasn’t even chibi Aegis (though she is very chibi). It was a combination of all of these, and the fact that the 5:00 AM blizzard didn’t kill us en route, and that I figured out how to use my camera a bit better (and use my old one a whole lot worse ;_;), managed to meet some rad people, and get a hot (nekkid) Viletta kit. Yeah, in retrospect that sealed the deal. :3

I had ambitious plans to post a full formal event report and garage kit gallery this evening, but spent most of my free time fleshing out the industry booth report (still not quite done…) and finishing an application for Comiket 74 (the deadline is tomorrow at 1:00 PM). With that out of the way I can now concentrate on finishing up Wanfesu coverage, which will hopefully be complete by the end of the day tomorrow. After a 22-hour day yesterday and a long day at work that there bed is looking mighty welcoming…

Man the proxy turrets, it’s limited edition time


As of today several Wonder Festival event-limited items are now on sale via order from makers’ online shops. Chief among these is Goodsmile, whose Haruhi cosplay Konata Figma was a highly prized item at the event yesterday and is likely to sell briskly online too. Those willing to brave the proxy jungles have a week in which to procure her and the other limited items from Goodsmile and Max Factory. Also now available is Volks’ MOE #01 Age Ultimate Characters Muv-Luv trading figure set, which will be up for order through March 14th. The product page now has high resolution images of the figures online, which I’ve reproduced below:

Volks' MOE 01 Age Ultimate Characters Muv-Luv trading figure set Volks' MOE 01 Age Ultimate Characters Muv-Luv trading figure set Volks' MOE 01 Age Ultimate Characters Muv-Luv trading figure set Volks' MOE 01 Age Ultimate Characters Muv-Luv trading figure set Volks' MOE 01 Age Ultimate Characters Muv-Luv trading figure set Volks' MOE 01 Age Ultimate Characters Muv-Luv trading figure set

Facts, but no figures


It seems the rest of the 2D world largely stepped aside for a couple of days to defer to the hobby juggernaut that is Wonder Festival, though there were a couple unrelated items of note over the weekend – A third season of Ikkitousen was announced, Macross F got a broadcast schedule (it starts on April 3rd), old school anime fan circle Psychommu Gaijin put out the latest issue of their ‘zine, and… well, that’s all I can think of right now. Ikkitousen might not even count, seeing as it’s basically a figure vehicle to begin with…

Speaking of figures, here’s the part of the post where I shamelessly bring affiliate items to your attention in the hope that if the spirit moves you, you’ll buy something through one of the following links and help keep this site running in the process:

Griffon’s ero-ero Limited DX Kanu Unchou is in stock at Play-Asia and shipping now! She comes complete with a “damaged shirt” exchangeable part, not that it makes much difference either way. :3 We’ll get a review up here as soon as possible after she comes in, but is likely to be a pretty quick seller so you might want to get your order in now. In preorders, Toy’sworks’ Miyamoto Rei from Highschool of the Dead is now available as well – a bit pricey, but comes with an exchangeable castoff torso and “soft chest part”. We got a closer look yesterday, and I think this is an item it’s easy to recommend.

kanu_limited_dx.jpg Toy'sworks' Miyamoto Rei figure from Highschool of the Dead

That’s it for tonight – Wonder Festival coverage will resume in full force tomorrow, and then it’s on to eroge this weekend with the debut of To Heart 2 Another Days and Choukou Sennin Haruka. I’m not planning to play either at this point (though Haruka is tempting, and I probably should), but the release will be a spectacle to watch…