The last few tidbits of news before Wonder Festival are trickling in, including previews of some Shining-series game kits on display, Yoshizawa Mitsumasa’s Cammy garage kit, a new preorder up for a very nipply Toyonaka Haruna from Mizuiro Splash, and reissue announcements from Kotobukiya for their Clalaclan and Konomi (frill bikini ver.) PVCs. Update: now with news on First Class’s WF lineup, as well as a look at the setup process for Goodsmile’s WONDERFUL HOBBY LIFE FOR YOU stage.

Wonder Festival News

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Update: First Class, rookie makers of the recently released Yuria 100-shiki LIGHTING base figure [PA], have just updated with their Wonder Festival 2008 winter display schedule. In addition to Yuria they’ll be showing Cyrille from Shining Force EXA, Elena Warenskaya from Kangofu + Rock (a doujin by circle Carrefours), Katagiri Yuuhi from Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka, and a lighting figure of 第31代唐亜玄奘三蔵法師, aka Genjo Sanzo, aka Xuanzang. Not sure exactly what that last one will end up being… if it’s an illuminated upskirt shot of the Sayuki character I think I’ll give it a miss.


Update: breaking WF news from a few late bloomers as Goodsmile scoops the construction of the WONDERFUL HOBBY LIFE FOR YOU live event stage and display area in the industry hall for the event tomorrow.

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Shining-game series fans take note – the official blog of all things Shining as well as the president’s blog of figure maker Eye Scream have both been updated with teaser shots of new figures scheduled to be on display at Wonder Festival, and they’re looking really nice. Stay tuned for further news on these.


Several readers have pointed out that Yoshizawa Mitsumasa has updated his site with information on the Cammy resin kit that he’ll be selling at Wonder Festival, and indeed he has. It’s looking amazing – I’ll join the chorus in hoping this is announced for PVC adaptation soon.

New Preorders


Toyonaka Haruna

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May 2008 reissues have been announced for Kotobukiya’s To Heart 2 Konomi (tube top swimsuit ver.) and their Shining Wind Clalaclan (HD review). A great chance for those who missed them when they were initially released!

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