We round out tonight’s journey through the figure world with looks at Wonder Festival previews from several companies, including Wave, Piccolo, Alpha Omega, Cafe Reo, and Resinya. Also: a small PVC Spica update, speculation on the future of the Revoltech action figure lines, a look at all three completed Kodomo no Jikan Play Stationery, a new Nendoroid announcement, a comparison of the disembodied hands of Figma Haruhi and Konata, and a figure that smells of strawberries.


More details on Wave’s WF lineup

Wave has updated their Wonder Festival 2008 winter page with images of their Etrian Odyssey Gunner Girl PVC, Xecty Ein PVC from Shining Wind (we’ve seen her elsewhere before) and a Gurren Lagann Yoko “space look” version resin kit that they’ll have on display at the event. We still don’t have visuals for their Treasure Figure Collection Asakura Reiko and Kyon’s sister, or for their Sasara or Tama-nee (maid ver.) Dreamtech PVCs – may have to wait until the event for those.


What color is your Spica-flavored parachute?

Lashinbang wants to know, as it continues development on the Spica PVC from 5CARAT (Brilliant Cut) coming later this year. One of these color schemes (or several) will appear on the painted version of the kit scheduled for display at Wonder Festival; we’ll keep an eye out for it.


Revoltech revolution continues

An anonymous individual at 2chan put together this image, in which the teaser posted on the Revoltech blog yesterday is dissected and analyzed for possible sources. I think he’s got most of them right… some are corroborated by the newly updated official Revoltech site, which lists eight flavors of action figure fun for 2008: Revoltech Yamaguchi, Fraeulein Revoltech, Hokuto no Ken Revolution, Yotsubato Revoltech, Assemble-Borg, Street Fighter Online, Conveni Revoltech, and Large Scale New Contents Under Construction. Can’t wait to see what they’re cooking up…


Kodomo no Jikan Play Stationery on parade

Solid Theater‘s Kodomo no Jikan Play Stationery 3(rd graders) set is now complete! While it’ll still be awhile before all three characters hit store shelves, both the official anime site and GA Graphic have profiles up of the recently color-finished Usa Mimi and Kagami Kuro. Rin will be available at Wonder Festival, while Mimi and Kuro are expected to retail in May – all three at 2,500 yen each (plus tax).

Wonder Festival Site Update Roundup

Piccolo on display:

Alpha Omega on display:

Cafe Reo on display:


Resinya on display/for sale:

  • Little Busters! Noumi Kudryavka kit
  • Shakugan no Shana II Shana (waitress ver.) kit
  • Zero no Tsukaima Futatsuki no Kishi Louise kit

Finally, Akiba Hobby has posted previews of some of the resin kits coming from Griffon / R-Line: Saber / Al Ajif, and Echidna / Reina, as well as the limited edition Kanu Unchou PVCs for sale at the event.

In news totally unrelated to Wonder Festival, the official Nougami Neuro anime site has updated its goods page with the news that a Nendoroid Neuro is in the works.


Also, an update to the official Figma blog reveals that the limited edition Haruhi cosplay Konata isn’t just a hack of two different kits – it’s an original sculpt entirely, down to the lengths of the legs, torso shape and hand details. Seems like an awful lot of effort for an event limited piece, but leave it to Max Factory to go the extra mile…