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Mainichi Junk: February 23rd, 2008

News of the Day

The new HD layout explained

The unifying theme behind the layout revision you see taking over the site right now like an insidious fungus is an attempt to return to the “roots” of HD (a tradition of daily Mainichi Junk updates), while continuing to provide a steady stream of smaller updates that may be more directly useful to the reader and making those updates as easy to access as possible.

As a result, with a few exceptions from now on the only posts that will appear by default in the center column when you access the site will be Mainichi Junk posts. All of the other posts will appear in their respective news categories in the side bar, or as reviews, columns, etc. This makes it more difficult to take in all the newest site content chronologically at a glance, so to address that I’ll begin each Mainichi Junk post with a recap of the day’s posts in other areas of the site (should there be any).

None of this presentation is set in stone and there will be some experimentation before things settle down, but I’m excited about the possibility of ultimately making the site more flexible, user-friendly, and personally engaging.

Wonder Festival is tomorrow!

Wonder Festival is tomorrow!

Wonder Festival 2008 winter is finally at hand! I’ve made a handy banner link to the Wonder Festival post tag that should make it easy to access all the latest news we’re able to scrounge up. It’s going to be a very long day after tomorrow’s 4:00 o’clock alarm call… if I can find a wireless hot spot on the way home I’ll try to have something up in the mid to late afternoon, otherwise it’ll be evening before the posts start rolling in.

Anime Lilith meets Sumeragi Kohaku


Leaving figures behind for a moment (is that allowed?) to note that budget eroge maker Lilith updated their official site yesterday with the news that their newest title will be in the Anime Lilith line, and will feature the art of well known character designer Sumeragi Kohaku (his 2004 title Pururun Cafe is now available in English). The game is called “Rinkan Club” and doesn’t feature the happiest of themes, but for fans of the artist this is looking like a great release. It’s due out on March 28th at 3,150 yen (Getchu page).

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wave_kagami.jpg wave_tsukasa.jpg

Kagami and Tsukasa (miko version) PVC figures from Lucky Star

And that’s a wrap for tonight! Time to finish some prep and then hit the sack for the early morning tomorrow…

pre-WF figure news roundup (updated)

The last few tidbits of news before Wonder Festival are trickling in, including previews of some Shining-series game kits on display, Yoshizawa Mitsumasa’s Cammy garage kit, a new preorder up for a very nipply Toyonaka Haruna from Mizuiro Splash, and reissue announcements from Kotobukiya for their Clalaclan and Konomi (frill bikini ver.) PVCs. Update: now with news on First Class’s WF lineup, as well as a look at the setup process for Goodsmile’s WONDERFUL HOBBY LIFE FOR YOU stage.

Mainichi Junk: February 22nd, 2008

I’m really very tired! There is, however, a Majodou update (don’t click at work).

33 hours to Wonder Festival…

Even more figure news

We round out tonight’s journey through the figure world with looks at Wonder Festival previews from several companies, including Wave, Piccolo, Alpha Omega, Cafe Reo, and Resinya. Also: a small PVC Spica update, speculation on the future of the Revoltech action figure lines, a look at all three completed Kodomo no Jikan Play Stationery, a new Nendoroid announcement, a comparison of the disembodied hands of Figma Haruhi and Konata, and a figure that smells of strawberries.