We reported almost a month ago when Orchid Seed updated their official site with images of the two resin kits they would be bringing to sell at Wonder Festival 2008 Winter on February 24th, and yesterday evening they updated the product entries for both their Kanu Unchou (bikini ver.) kit from Ikkitousen and their Kazami Mizuho kit from Onegai Teacher with colored versions of the kits. Both are looking great, I must say – with her Ishiyama Satoshi sculpt the Kanu was perhaps a given (castoff now confirmed!), but it’s nice to see Mizuho looking true to her original design illustration as well. Note that while both kits will only be available in resin form at Wonder Festival, every single figure Orchid has ever sold as an “event exclusive” has eventually come out in PVC. Orchid’s galleries reproduced below:

kanbikini01.jpg kanbikini02.jpg kanbikini03.jpg kanbikini04.jpg kanbikini05.jpg kanbikini06.jpg kanbikini07.jpg kanbikini08.jpg

mizuho01.jpg mizuho02.jpg mizuho03.jpg mizuho04.jpg mizuho05.jpg