Yet another roundup of figure news from the past three days, including an uncensored look at Griffon’s new Queen’s Blade Reina PVC, a Revoltech Fraeulein Hatsune Miku hack, the progress of Brilliant Cut’s Spica PVC (successor to Uran), news of a special color version of Yamato’s Dynamite Keikaku Kanu Unchou, a Fauna reissue from Alter, a castoff look at Hobby Japan’s Ninjihara Ink (cosplay ver.), and a Wonder Festival news roundup – the catalog is now on sale!


The Ota-Suke blog has a look up at Griffon’s upcoming Queen’s Blade Reina hybrid figure, in all her uncensored castoff glory. She retails in April at 16,590 yen retail and 1/6 scale, and is a “media mix” of painted resin, cold cast and PVC parts.


Akiba Blog posted about a Revoltech Fraeulein Hatsune Miku hack the other day. Apparently it’s the work of a Toranoana employee, and helped generate some nice sales for the Tousaka Rin action figure [PA] that’ it’s based off of. I wonder if Crypton would be amenable to an actual Fraeulein Miku in the future; whoever gets the action figure rights to her will definitely be looking at money in the bank.


Work on 5-CARAT’s (Brilliant Cut) Spica PVC continues! He posted on the 12th with a look at the resin prototype of the 1/6 scale PVC version currently in production. The figure is scheduled to go on sale this spring exclusively from Lashinbang, who formerly released 5-CARAT’s Uran PVC as well.


Yamato updated their website today with the news that an alternate color version of their Dynamite Keikaku Kanu Unchou PVC is currently in production, and is scheduled to retail in April at 13,440 yen (the same price as the original).


Alter updated today as well with the news that they’ll be reissuing their Fauna PVC from Frontwing eroge Megachu!. The reissue will be coming in June, at the original price of 5,800 yen.


Moeyo has a preview up of the Hobby Japan mail order limited Nijihara Ink (cosplay ver.) from Queen’s Gate / Moetan! The cast off is censored, as usual. While currently only available via preorder from Hobby Japan, if precedent holds we can expect Play-Asia to carry her as well.


The Wonder Festival 2008 Winter event catalog is now on sale! The catalog contains a list of all of the garage kit dealers, retail vendors and industry groups present at the event along with descriptions of their products and a lengthy section of advertisements at the back that are often more useful than the official product descriptions. at 2,000 yen It also serves as the entry ticket to the event (you hold the catalog up in the air so event staff can see it as you enter).

Several makers have their Wonder Festival special pages up:

gigapulse_wf08w_ren.jpg cafereo_wf08w_wrestling.jpg griffon_tomoe_echidna.jpg snapp-s_wf08w_saber.jpg

Gigapulse is bringing an event-limited version of their Nanase Ren kit, Cafe Reo is bringing a repaint of their moe wrestling girls, Griffon has a bunch of resin kits and SnapP’s has a Saber.

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